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Types of Water Filter Housings

Types of Water Filter Housings

Water filter housings offer you several benefits. Based on your chosen housing, they prevent outer elements from contaminatingyour water and alsoclean your tap water. These housings can also protect your filter cartridge so that it works perfectly well.

There are several things that you need to know about water filter housings. So, you need to read the article further.

Types of Filter Housing

Here are the types of filter housings that you need to install in your water filtration system.

Cartridge Filter Housing

As the name suggests, this filter housing is perfect to use for cartridge water filters. Depending on your filter system, you need to keep your cartridge in this water filter housing. It comes in different styles and sizes,soyou need to install one based on your filtration system’s capacity.

Generally, people use cartridge filter housing for under-sink residential filtration, recreational vehicle filtration, pre and post reverse osmosis systems, and foodservice applications.

Fabricated Strainers

Fabricated strainers are also one of the most common filter housings. They provide you cost-effective protection forthe filtration system or the cartridge or bag you use in it.

The best part is that it is availablein all sizes and pressure classes. You can find these strainers in differentmaterials such as stainless steel, carbon steel, exotic materials, and alloy 20. The primary reason to choosethem over other filter housings is their extreme durability. Plus, its excellent composition allows quick and hassle-free function.

Casted Basket Strainers

These filter housings are different from others, as they help the filtration system to clean your water. The casted basket strainers design helps to remove solids and other particles from the flowing liquid. What’s more,these housings come with mesh straining or perforated metal elements that make water germs-free.

Apart from this, they also come in different materials such as stainless steel, iron, bronze, alloy, and chrome-moll.

Bag Filter Housing

This type of filter housing is typically the first choice of filter manufacturing companies for the filters designed for ahigh flow rate. If the water flows at a higher rate, you need something that can clean the water fast. It also needs to have high dirt holding capacity so that contaminants don’t flow out with the water.

Furthermore, the bag filter housing is useful to install in applications that have to resist high suspended solid pressure in the fluid. These housings contain several parts, including internal cage, sealing arrangement, filter bag, and end connection. Lastly, they are also much easier to handle than other types of housings.

Self-Cleaning Filter

These are innovative and unique filters that save you from the hassle ofreplacing filters every few months. The self-cleaning filters automatically get rid of the stick and clogged dirt and particles after a certain period. In other words, when your filter traps and holds the contaminants and impurities, it gets build up in your filter system. This housing removes or flushes unwanted material to increase your filter’s life span.

However, these filters are not common, and only afew companies offer a filtration system that comes with these housings. This may be because of their price tag and not having the capacity to offer you compact housing.

PVC Cartridge Filter Housing

PVC cartridge filter housing has a composition of PVC material. They have a very simple design and offer you high-quality and performance. Typically, people use these water filter housings in acidic applications due to their excellent material composition.

In other words, a filtration system that needs to filter water with a large amount ofimpurities, heavy metals, and other particles uses this housing. The PVC cartridge filter housing offers you an affordable alternative totheir premium quality housing, like stainless steel. Besides that, these housings have corrosion-resistant and durable PVC. They also work best for low-pressure applications.

PVC Bag Filter Housing

This is another filter housing made of PVC materials. The PVC bag filter housing is an ideal alternative tostainless steel housings. Similar to the bag filter housing, these PVC housings prevent dirt fromflowing with water.

You may also need to know that they can tolerate ahigh flow rate and also offer you high dirt hold capacity. PVC filter housing works best to filter viscous fluids that contain agreat amount of contaminants.

 Polypropylene Filter Housings

Polypropylene filter housings are an excellent and cost-effective alternative to PVDF and PTFE housings. Depending on the water softener or water filtration system you use, it can make your water free from impurities.

As manufacturers make these housings entirely from polypropylene, they are ideal to use for different applications. These housings also come with drain options that help you keep the water germs free.

Vent Filter

Vent water filter housings prevent bacteria, viruses, and other harmful elements that are present in the air from interacting with the water in the storage tanks. It is important to note that when the tank is full, you need to allow the air to escape. And when the tank is empty, you need the air to enter into it to replace thelost liquid volume.

Avent filter allows you to eliminate all the impurities in the water while taking advantage of air. Some of the filters also block the tank when you are not using them. This blocks the contaminants such as bacteria, mold, dust, and yeast from entering the tank.

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Bottom Line

So, now you know thetypes of water filter housing present in the filter system. All of these types offer you awide range of benefits that help you and your family stay fit andhealthy. When you choose a filter system, make sure that it has thebest quality housing.

But before that, you need to know how to choose a water softener. In that case, consider your water quality, water usage, theinstallation place, and the reason forbuying thesystem. Once you understand every factor, find the right product for yourself.

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