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Upgrade your home to better water.

Take control of the water in your home with whole house water filtration. Filtered water at every tap in your home is easier than ever with FilterSmart.

We want to help revolutionize the industry with whole house water filtration that greatly impacts the water quality in your home. Replace your old salt-based softeners or the faucet and shower filters once and for all.

Experience water quality like it was meant to be with no sodium, mineral-rich water that uses all natural coconut shells for filtration. Experience the FilterSmart difference today!

Filtersmart vs. Salt Water Softeners

The calcium and magnesium removed by traditional salt-using softeners are essential nutrients, while the sodium added is suspected to aggravate certain cardiovascular health problems and contribute to weight gain.

FilterSmart systems do not add anything or remove anything from the water, retaining the important naturally occurring minerals, especially calcium and magnesium.

Salt-using softeners must be regularly recharged by adding more salt and back-flushing with fresh water, which is costly, inconvenient, corrosive to pipes and water heaters, harmful to the environment and wasteful of a precious resource.

It is becoming increasingly common for municipalities to ban the use of automatic water softeners, as the need to recycle water becomes a necessity.

Our salt-free softeners require virtually no maintenance, no residual costs and does not harm the environment, pipes or water heaters.

Salt-using softeners cannot always be easily installed and require more than twice the space of a FilterSmart system. Salt-based softeners also require a drain connection and electrical power.

Benefits of salt-free water softeners

Our systems can be installed where space is very limited

Clean, delicious water at every tap

Eliminates the need for salt softeners

No need for salt or corrosive chemicals

Removes existing scale deposits

Longer life expectancy for appliances

Reduced energy expenses

Increased efficiency of hot water tanks

Environmentally friendly

No electrical power required

Virtually maintenance free

Easy to install and requires no drain connection or electrical power

FilterSmart does not require chemicals such as sodium, potassium, acids or phosphates to produce a scale-free effect in water distributions systems and especially water heating equipment. Our salt free media is a far simpler “physical water treatment” and does not extract or sequester the water hardness constituents of calcium and magnesium, but rather consistently influences the crystal structures of these minerals in such a manner that no scale is formed on interior surfaces. FilterSmart neither adds chemicals nor removes chemicals from the water.

To be more specific, rather than attempting to prevent the natural tendency of hard water to form scale (by removing or adding chemicals), FilterSmart treatment actually promotes and redirects scale formation in such a manner that the scale remains suspended in the water rather than forming on surfaces within the water system.

Go salt-free. Save money

FilterSmart Salt-Free Water Softeners save you hundreds of dollars a year. Save money on salt, wasted water and electricity.

Our salt-free water softeners condition the water and extends the life of your appliances in your home. Your home's piping will also be scale-free from buildup and saves costly re-piping or plumbing repairs.

In cold water, calcium ions (Ca2+), magnesium ions (Mg+2) and bicarbonate ions (HCO3-) are surrounded by “layers” of electrochemically-attracted water molecules, which “insulate” against the natural tendency of the oppositely-charged ions to come together and form crystals. Atomic-level templates on the surface of the media act as catalysts and reduce the ability of water molecules to prevent calcium, magnesium and bicarbonate ions from coming together to form crystals of calcium and magnesium scale. This process results in the creation of microscopic crystals of scale (seed crystals), which rapidly form in the treated water, not on the contact surfaces of the water system, and are carried downstream in colloidal suspension through the water system.

In untreated water, the scale forms on the inside walls of pipes, fixtures and appliances.

In treated water, the seed crystals themselves provide a far greater surface area for heating surfaces resulting in greater efficiency. Therefore, new scale preferentially deposits on this continuously replenished stream of suspended crystals rather than on the water contact surfaces – especially those surfaces that are at elevated temperatures. Since scale formation is not static (it is constantly forming and dissolving), the existence of continuously generated seed crystals not only eliminates further deposition of scale on water contact surfaces, but in fact will cause deposited scale to gradually dissolve back into the water and deposit on passing seed crystals in the water (from contact surfaces to solution to seed crystals).

Highest quality activated carbon in the industry

Tested and certified, our granulated activated carbon from all natural coconut shells purify tap water in the most natural organic way. Our water filters carry the industry best carbon to produce the highest quality water.

We use the very best acid washed coconut shell activated carbon from around the world. The carbon is sourced from Southeast Asia and transported to a facility in the US. This carbon made from coconut shells is the best media we have found for chemical absorption and producing the best water quality you can have. All our carbon is NSF certified listed for health and safety. Some companies use a coal-based carbon which is cheaper but also less effective. It has also come under scrutiny for adding or leaching different types of elements into the water supply.

Once we get the carbon and before we fill our tanks we acid neutralize and dedust the media. We then vacuum the media while filling the tanks to remove any excess carbon dust in the tank. This minimizes the black cloudy water when you first run the system which is common of other systems on the market.

Free big blue pre filters

Each FilterSmart water systems come with a free sediment pre-filter. This removes any sediment, rust, silt, and debris in the water. The blue housing unit is important as it keeps fine particles out of the salt-free media and carbon media. Our sediment pre-filters are recommended to be changed every 8-10 months. We offer replacement sediment prefilters as a 4 pack for easy exchanges when the time comes.

Other systems that do not have a prefilter do not allow the media to be free from fine particles. These small particles eventually decrease the effectiveness of both salt-free and carbon media to perform at an optimal level.

Replacing media

You will never need to buy a whole new system again. Once the media's expire in both the carbon and salt-free, you can simply buy replacement media from us and exchange it with the old. The process is easy to do and only takes about 30 minutes for an average homeowner to do. Replacing the media not only saves you money, but it also helps reduce unnecessary waste.


All FilterSmart systems come with a lifetime warranty on tanks and valves. As long as the systems are maintained properly, we guarantee all parts free from defect. If years down the road there is a leak in the bypass we will gladly send a replacement (which is rare). We have no problem covering all installations as long as the directions of installation and use are followed.

FilterSmart was founded to find a more sustainable way to filter your water without using harmful sodium or salt. We are on a mission to replace all outdated salt-based water softeners across America, one homeowner at a time. We take great pride in our mission and our customers love the fact that we are proudly unlike any other water dealer in the US.

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