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Do I Need A Water Softener Living In San Diego, California?


It is very common for every Californian living in San Diego to know about the issues of hard water. Hard water is one of the main reasons why you will find soap scum on appliances, fixtures, glassware and anything possible. Hard water is one of the biggest curses alive and can destroy everything from your house, to effecting the environment and national water.

One of the most common solutions people find for water hardening is installing water softeners in their homes. Water softeners are a very common type of filtration system, but are they the best to use? Moreover, do you need one living in San Diego, California. Well, the only way to find that out is by reading below and learning more about the hard water issue in San Diego.


What is Hard Water?

Hard water includes high amounts of dissolved minerals such as Calcium and Magnesium. Most of the fresh water supply comes from the Colorado River in San Diego around 85%, so whenever there are strong winds, the river picks up the naturally occurring minerals.

Hard, mineral-rich water is a blessing in disguise, as while this type of water provides a healthier lifestyle, ensuring strong bones, and preventing heart diseases, it can cause many issues for homeowners in San Diego.

Such minerals leave a lot of residue behind, which is definitely not good. This is one of the main reasons why many people use water softeners, but this might not be the best possible solution to use in San Diego.

What Is Water Softener?

Water softeners are a type of a filtration system that is attached directly to yoru water supply at home. Ion exchange is one of the main ways water softeners function and relieve water hardness. A water softener system involves the negatively charged resin beads bind the minerals of calcium and magnesium that are positively charged. When this happens, the softened water allows the system to flow.

When the resin beads start to saturate with the minerals, the other tanks that include concatenated sodium brine maintains the process and pulls all the minerals off the beads into the brine.

Do I Need a Water Softener in San Diego?

San Diego is one of the main cities that struggle with hard water, and using a water softener might be the right decision. Unfortunately, water softeners have many drawbacks and make the water system issue even worse, also directly affecting you. The existence of sodium is one of the main reasons why you would not want to use a water softener system.

While most of the sodium is flushed out in the water softener regeneration system, there can still be a surprisingly high amount of sodium coming from your water taps. This gets settled into the food you eat, leading towards many health issues such as diabetes, high blood pressure and much more.

Other than the dangerous transfer of sodium in water though water softeners, you have to constantly monitor the salt levels in your water softener as it needs to be recharged almost every 6 to 8 weeks depending on the water usage.

The good thing is that water softener salt pellets are not that expensive. However, you will still need to make the effort to look for a good one and yes, that does take up a lot of time and effort. You can avail salt free water softeners that use a filtration system to get rid of minerals without the use of chemicals. However, this is not recommended to use, especially in areas like San Diego that struggle with water hardening.


What is The Best Alternative to Deal with Water Hardness in San Diego?

As mentioned above earlier, water softeners are not the most ideal thing to use when it comes to dealing with water hardening. This is especially true for places like San Diego. Nevertheless, there is always a better alternative and that is a house water filtration system.

These systems include a combination of workings that improve the quality of water in your homes. Template Assisted Crystallization is a process used in filtration systems that helps contain dissolved minerals, clumping them into non-threatening microscopic crystals.

Using house filtration systems with activated carbon helps in reducing any foul odor, stains and harmful compounds like MTBE and VOC’s. There are different types of water filtration house systems and some use ultraviolent light that kills bacteria, microbes, microorganisms, and different types of viruses.

Why You May Want to Use Water Softeners?

While it is recommended to not to use water softeners, especially if you are living in San Diego, there are still a few advantages to consider. Mentioned below are a few benefits that come with water softeners:

  • Reduces dry skin, and promotes softer and fresher skin and hair.
  • Limits soap scum in showers, and reduces the need to use heavy cleaning products
  • Eradicates spots on crockery
  • Increases the build-up of calcium in piping lines
  • Prevent the build-up of calcium on appliances in your home so no need for extra maintenance

Final Thoughts

I hope that with the help of this article you now have an idea on why you should not use water softeners in San Diego.. These will only make the issues of water hardening worse for you, and that is the last thing you need. The best way to tackle this is by getting a proper house filtration system. For the best ones in San Diego, you should consider checking the products available at

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