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A Review of Culligan Whole House Water Filters

Culligan - The Brand
Culligan aims to provide better water for customers in their offices, homes, businesses, and industrial facilities around the world. With their complete line of water softeners, filtration systems, industrial and commercial water treatment solutions, water drinking systems, and whole house filtration, Culligan aims to set the standard within the water treatment industry. 

Culligan Whole House Water Filter

Culligan’s whole house water filters make sure that your family has a safe and clean freshwater supply throughout your home. Their water filtration systems work to reduce dirt, sand, and silt buildup in plumbing lines in order to keep your kitchen, laundry room, and bathroom clean and fresh so, in turn, you and your family stay healthy.

Believe it or not, humans aren’t the only ones who benefit from purified water. Culligan’s whole house water filters also prolong the life of your household appliances and allow them to run more smoothly.

Culligan’s whole house water filters focus on eliminating six major concerns related to tap water purity:

Blue-green stains
Unpleasant water odors
Chlorine and metallic taste
The presence of rust of plumbing fixtures
Cloudy Water
The presence of rust of plumbing fixtures

Not only do they actively remove the above issues from our water supply, but whole house water filters can even deal with more dangerous tap water contaminants. Culligan might not be as popular as other manufacturers, but their filters are so efficient, and they’re also known to have the best approach towards their customers.

Culligan understands that tap water quality can differ from one region to another. Because of this, they also offer free water tests to anyone interested in purchasing a whole house system. Moreover, they also have a wide range of diverse products which all offer efficient solutions for any kind of water problem you may have. 

High-Efficiency Whole House Water Filters

When it comes to Culligan’s high-efficiency whole house water filters, there are three main filters to choose from Cullar, Filtr-Cleer, and Cullneu. Each of these products comes available in two tank sizes: 9’’ tanks or 10’’ tanks. These tanks work on a backwashing system and in similar manners as professional filters used in water treatment plants. However, while this system is highly efficient in prolonging the lifespan of the filtration media, it’s actually not very commonly used in residential whole-house systems. This is due to the fact that it has the potential to waste a lot of water.

Whole-House System - General Features

Culligan has a few different whole house water systems, but all contain different types of contaminants. Despite that, however, they all have similar construction and use similar technologies.

The first one being, they all come with electronic controllers. This may seem a little complicated for some people to come to grips with initially, but you’ll come to find that it’s very common in well water filters. During the first-time setup, all you have to do is program the controller, it’s nothing overly complicated. You can also find all general settings described within the user manual. When set up, you’ll see that the controller displays the cartridge media lifespan and remaining capacity, which is all in all a great addition.

When it comes to warranty, the entire filters are covered for a minimum of one year of use. The soft-minder meter, the remote control, and the modem are covered for five years. The circuit board and the control valve body are both covered for a whopping ten years, and the tanks are covered for a lifetime.

Technical specifications
120,000 gallons capacity for 9″ filter and a 180,000-gallons capacity for the 10″ media.

It supports 20–120 psi pressure

It’s recommended that the operating temperature is 33–120°F (1–50°C).

Certifications prove the whole house water system can remove over 90% of the chlorine found in tap water.

It was designed for particulate reduction, more specifically, class V particles from 30 to <50μm.

It was certified to reduce particulates to a concentration less than or equal to that recommended by the NSF/ANSI standards. In simpler words, this system reduces silt, dirt, clay, or any other sediments smaller than <50μm.

Culligan High-Efficiency Water Conditioner

The high-efficiency water conditioner system combines the efficiency of a water softener with a water filter. Purely designed to purify and soften your water in order to reduce rust stains, make your household appliances last longer, and better-tasting water.

Culligan High Efficiency Water Conditioner - General Features

This high-efficiency water conditioner features something called a soft-minder meter. This meter monitors salt levels in order to control the water system’s efficiency. Its durable design means that it can be installed outdoors, and you can rest assured knowing that it won’t corrode. Carbon filtrations allow you to remove any unpleasant chlorine taste and odor. And, if you purchase the optional remote display, you’ll also be able to monitor and control the system from anywhere in your home. What’s more, you’re even able to include an optional modem. This automatically alerts local dealers that your system is in need of a service, or if it needs more salt.

Culligan makes sure that it has many filters designed for specific contaminants. This means that if your region is subjected to a specific type of water contamination, you’re still able to benefit from pure-tasting water, directly from your tap. There is a wide range of solutions for a wide range of contaminants.

Culligan HE Sulfur-Cleer
The Culligan High-Efficiency Sulfur-Cleer can eliminate even the most unpleasant, rotten egg smells which come from sulfur contamination.

It reduces both the iron and the hydrogen sulfide in water. It also reduces and prevents rust stains.

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