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iSpring Water Filter Review

iSpring Water Filter Review

The benefits of a ispring water filter include taste improvement and removal of harmful substances, including lead and bacteria from the drinking water. Furthermore, you can also get rid of rust particles and other microorganisms. Even though bottled water is easily accessible and is a quick solution for your water needs, it isn’t necessarily more sustainable. In the long run, water filters are an economical solution.

A massive number of brands are available in the market, offering numerous products. Choosing between these options can be challenging. However, you cannot compromise your family’s health by choosing an inefficient filter system. Therefore, this article will help you understand the benefits of installing an iSpring water filter system with your faucets.

What is iSpring Water Filter

iSpring WGB32BM is a whole house filtration system. Unlike traditional systems, which only include reverse osmosis techniques to clean the water, this system filters the water from contaminants through a point of entry. This way, your entire home receives crystal clear and filtered water. So, instead of a single faucet, you can access pure drinking water from any outlet. Besides, this system includes three filtration stages.

For starters, it comprises a 5-micron polypropylene sediment filter with high capacity. It removes large-sized particles and dirt from the water. This filter prevents the other two filters from clogging. The second phase of cleaning includes a 5-micron CTO coconut shell carbon block filter. This type of carbon filter is more efficient than other types of carbon filters as it contains carbon packed in a solidified block. This filter efficiently removes targeted contaminants. This filtration process removes bad odor and taste. In addition to that, it eliminates more than 90% of chlorine and organic chemicals, including herbicides, pesticides, and industrial chemicals. The third cleaning filter reduces iron and lead, and other metals found in the water.

Natural spring water is a healthy option, but the water you receive now may be contaminated. Therefore, people choose the option that suits their budget and meet safety standards. In this article, you will understand how iSpring water filters work to provide you with safe and clear water.

What is Reverse Osmosis

You can use reverse osmosis to filter spring water or feed water with the help of the iSpring reverse osmosis water filtration system. A reverse osmosis water purification system includes a semi-permeable membrane that separates the contaminated water from water with fewer particles. Due to the pressure, the water flows to the less concentrated side with fewer contaminants while crossing the RO membrane. This way, you get access to clean and pure drinking water.

The main purpose of the semi-permeable membrane is to block contaminants. It includes small pores that block the particles and let water flow through them. During osmosis, the concentration of water increases as it flows through the membrane. This maintains the equilibrium between the two sides. On the other side, the process is completely opposite during reverse osmosis. In this process, the membrane does not allow contaminants to pass through its small holes.

How the iSpring Reverse Osmosis Works?

The iSpring reverse osmosis system separates the chlorine and sediment from the water. The process works with a pre-filter as it forces the water through the RO membrane removing all the solid particles. Once the water flows through, a post-filter will polish the drinking water even further, offering you safe and healthy drinking water.

After passing through the post filter, the water enters your faucet. There are different types of reverse osmosis systems depending on the number of pre-filters and post-filters. For instance, a four-stage reverse osmosis system by Filter Smart offers ultra-purified water through its four filtration phases. However, a reverse osmosis system by iSpring would be a wonderful investment to filter your home’s water supply.

What is a Whole-House Filtration System

This whole-house or point-of-entry filtration system by iSpring includes different functionality and features focusing on preventing contaminants from entering your water connection. The reason to refer to this system as point-of-entry is that you install it to the main water line. This system ensures that every drop of water entering your house is pure and clean.

How the iSpring Whole House Water Filter System Works?

An iSpring whole house water filter is a multi-stage system. It includes different stages of filtration, and every stage ensures that you receive contaminant-free water.

1.     Sediment Pre-Filtration

In the first phase of the filtration system, the water flows through a pre-filter. This filter is 5-micron sediment that blocks the larger contaminants such as silt, sediment, dirt, clay, rust, sand, and debris. Another benefit of this filtration stage is that it increases the lifespan of the system. As a result, you do not have to replace the media every month. Instead, you will find the need to change it after 1,000,000 gallons of water.

2.     Mineral Filtration

After the sediment filter, the water passes through the second phase of the filtration process. This mineral filtration media eliminates the remaining heavy metals, chlorine, and bacteria from the water. Furthermore, it also eradicates minerals such as copper and zinc. This iSpring water filtration system is similar to the Whole House Water Filter combo by Filter Smart, which destroys dangerous contaminants and pathogens.

3.     Activated Carbon Filtration

Now the water enters the carbon-activated media and the KDF media. The filter media includes a wide, porous surface lining in with deep ridges. When the system activates, the filters generate tiny, porous openings on the surface of the carbon. These pores are of different sizes. The water coming from the mineral filtration process enters these cavities.

The activated carbon works like a sponge and absorbs the remaining contaminants from the water. This process depends on the hydrophobicity of the water molecules. The hydrophobic substances combine with the carbon surface, binding the organic contaminants, while the non-polar carbon surface holds the organic contaminants present in the drinking water.

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The iSpring reverse osmosis and whole house filter system is a budget and environmentally friendly option. You will find this option convenient, healthy, and beneficial. If you are looking for an optimal water filter system that is suitable for both money and value, you can opt for this iSpring water filtration system.

This article also includes two certified and tested products by Filter Smart that ensure that you and your family have access to filtered and clean drinking water with better taste. You can immediately upgrade your water system by choosing a result-proven, salt-free, eco-friendly, and healthy water purification system by contacting Filter Smart.

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