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Protect appliances, pipes, and plumbing

Hard water will slowly corrode fixtures and faucets while also shortening the life of water-using appliances. Avoid costly appliance and plumbing repairs and unsightly hard water buildup. Our salt-free media will remove any buildup in pipes or fixtures while also keeping new scale from forming.

All natural filtration for pure water

Our whole house water filters use a high purity coconut shell carbon for filtration. Our filters remove chlorine, chloramines and hundreds of other contaminants as well as improves the taste to better than bottled water quality. We also use more carbon than any other system on the market!

Save Money

Salt-based softeners require monthly salt exchanges as well as electricity and water use that add up to hundreds of dollars a year. FilterSmart systems require a low installation cost and no operating or costly maintenance compared to salt-based systems.

Filtersmart vs. Water Softeners

Awards and Certificates

4.6 Overall Satisfaction Rating based on 383 ratings

We believe in creating the world's best whole house water systems that are salt-free (proven to work) and use all-natural coconut shell carbon for filtered water at every tap in your home.


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