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Cities with the Best Tap Water in the US

Cities with the Best Tap Water in the US

Water is one of the basic necessities of life. People require access to water sources despite the location, time, and climate condition. Without water, there cannot be any life. Therefore, it is essential to pay close attention to the basic concepts that revolve around the importance of clean drinking water. In addition, the main tap waters that we have in our homes are also an important aspect of our daily life.

Do you know that minerals or chemical compounds are present in your home or shelter’s tap water? Well, everyone should have access to the cleanest and purest water supply. While that is the case, not many household, families, and individuals live in towns and cities that are among the “top cities with the best water supply”. Unfortunately, there are some cities and states that are struggling with the provision of clean drinking and using water. This includes the water that comes out of the taps in homes.

Having clean water in the tap is a great plus. There are some states and cities that have the highest water quality, including tap water, in which you can just take a dip to get a sip of the water any time you like without worrying about any contaminants or pollution. The US government has laid out specific drinking water rules and regulation that pertain to filtration, supply, and use. Following that, here are the top cities with the best tap water in the US.

Why is Clean Tap Water Important?

To survive, water tops other basic life necessities. Similarly, having clean drinking water ensures that you are not at risk of developing diseases or conditions in comparison to polluted and poor quality tap water.

In light of that, water purification plays a huge role in the reliability and supply of clean tap water. Different purification methods help to filter, clean, and purify tap water of any harmful contagions and carcinogenic materials. Clean and pure water helps keep the body at optimal hydration levels, excrete toxins, improve digestion, and provides many other health benefits. A regular intake of water helps in maintaining sufficient energy to last throughout the day and then some.

Top Cities with the Best Tap Water in the US

These cities of the US below are some of the highest ranking cities when it comes to the cleanest and most usable/drinkable tap water.

·         Chicago

Chicago is a well-populated city and stands as one of the largest cities of the US. With the large population, the municipal authorities realize the need for clean drinking water. In addition, the water supply of Chicago is mainly the Lake Michigan for which the authorities emphasize on the use of adequate filtration systems.

Filtering for sand and carbon, the purification systems ensure that the overall tap water quality of the city is above the par quality coefficient.

·         Denver

Denver city of the Colorado State is a popular city of the US. While the city itself is popular for a number of reasons, you should know that the Rocky Mountains and the overall mountainous terrain are some of the most memorable things about it.

The mountains run right through the city and that is the main source of the city’s water supply. The water comprises the snowmelt of the Rocky Mountains. The tap water in Denver houses is clean, pure, grassy, full of minerals, and it also tastes good!

·         New York

New York, it is probably one of the most famous cities of the US. As there is already a huge population that resides in the borders of New York City, the large volume of travelling in and out of the city requires a plentiful supply of water.

Nevertheless, the main water supply of New York originates from the Catskill Mountain reservoirs. Therefore, the tap waters are generally clean, pure, and even smell sweet while being full of minerals.  

·         Silverdale

Silverdale is another name on the list of the cities with the best tap water in the US. The city’s main water supply arrives from Green Mountain. The aquifer present there is so effective and efficient in operation that the rain water collected in it also becomes drinkable.

However, Silverdale municipal authorities maintain a high level of water filtration and purification that ensures the supply of high quality tap water.

·         Greenville

Greenville is part of South Carolina where they have one of the greatest tap water. Why is that? Well, the tap water there tastes good! Not only that but also the level of smooth purification and water filtration that the municipal authorities focus on deliver high quality tap water.

Greenville’s primary water supply is the foothills of the Blue Ridge which is a 26,000-acre field area.

·         Louisville

While Louisville might be famous for the exceptional quality baseball bats, you should know that the city has a great tasting tap water source. One thing that is exceptional about the tap water in Louisville is that the water goes through hundreds of chemical tests along with sand and gravel filtration to ensure that it is clean and safe for drinking at the end of the day.

The city’s primary water supply is the Ohio River which surprisingly isn’t popular for its dirty quality of water.

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Tap waters are an important house feature. In fact, living in the US, when someone tends to purchase a home, tap water quality is one of the first few factors that they pay attention to. Although tap water might not be consistent in quality through the cities of the US, it is primarily due to the government and maintenance failures in providing public with safe and clean tap water.

Apart from that, the state-of-the-art water filtration and purification technologies that are entering the market are the most sought-after methods of ensuring the supply of clean and drinkable tap water in the cities above.

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