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Water Filter vs. Water Purifier

Water Filter vs. Water Purifier

Water filters and water purifiers help to remove contaminants, impurities, and toxic elements from water. However, these technologies use different methods to provide clean and safe water.

Besides that, water filters come in different designs and for different purposes. Hence, you can find filters that provide clean water in your entire house or a single faucet. While water purifiers usually aim to provide you toxin-free drinking water.

If you want to purchase a water cleaning system, but you are confused, you need to read this article further. Here you can learn about the types of filters and what methods purifiers and filters use to offer you drinking water.

Water Filters                                                    

These filters use several kinds of media to attract impurities and prevent them from passing through your faucets. Besides that, water filters also have different types that help you with different purposes.

Whole House Filters

As the name suggests, whole-house filters offer clean and healthy water to your entire house. You need to connect them with the main water line to prevent contaminants from entering your house.

Mostly, these filters begin the process with pro sediment filters that hold silt, sediment, and rust. The water then reaches another filtration part that filters water-soluble heavy metals and chlorine and slows down the algae and bacteria growth. Depending on your filter system, water may move to the activated carbon filter. This part of the water filter helps remove pesticides, herbicides, and other chemical elements present in your water. Some water filters also use ion-exchange technology to reduce the impurities such as cysts, chlorine, lead, chloramines, and PFOA/PFOS.

Whole-house filters are best to provide clean water for your entire family with the best technology. It saves you from interacting with contaminants through any faucets in your house.

Shower Filters

You need to attach them to your shower spigot. If you don’t have a showerhead, you can purchase a shower filter that comes with a showerhead. But if you have one, search for a filter that can fit into it.

These filters help you keep your hair and skin healthier by eliminating synthetic chemicals and reducing chlorine that can lead to excessive drying and damages. Some filters also help you improve the pH of your water by removing all impurities from your water, such as chlorine.

Drinking Filters

These filters are available in a diverse range of colors, designs, and options. You can find varieties that connect with the pipes under your sink or one that sits on your countertop.

These filters come with technologies like catalytic carbon and activated carbon as well as ion exchange to prevent contaminants from moving with your water, such as chloramines, heavy metals, chlorine, chlorine-resistant cysts such as cryptosporidium, giardia, pharmaceuticals, and others.

Water Purifiers

Water purifiers also help you remove contaminants from water. But this technology helps to kill biological contaminating elements in the water with the help of chlorine or iodine. In addition, water purification also uses methods such as distillation, UV treatment, Reverse Osmosis, and deionization.

These purifiers also eliminate contaminants depending on their electric charge, size, and other things. You also need to know that purification processes such as UV treatment and impurities distillation are important. They help you remove every toxic element and impurities from the water that impacts its taste, texture, and consistency. This way, you can ensure that the water you get is completely safe.

You may already know that usually, the water that comes to your house contains harmful chemicals such as fertilizers and pesticides. These compounds can be harmful to human health and even cause cancer. Therefore, water purifiers use several methods to reduce harmful elements from water. These methods include:

UV Treatment

It involves ultraviolet radiation that helps kill the DNA of living organisms found in water, such as viruses, spores, and cells. This procedure makes them harmless.


This phase of water purification converts water into steam through the evaporation process. The steam then converts into liquid in another container. This process aims to separate many chemicals and kill bacteria and viruses.


This process helps to filter every kind of solids through different methods based on their ionic charge.

Reverse Osmosis (RO)

It works like a water filter, but it forces water to pass through the reverse osmosis membrane with tiny holes. This way, RO filters block out all the large particles that can’t enter the membrane. Depending on the water purifier you have purchased, reverse osmosis may involve several processes to ensure the safety and cleaning of water.

Water Filter vs. Water Purifier: Which One You Need?

It is a common debate which one is perfect, Water filter or Water Purifier. Well, it might be challenging to declare one of them as the best option for you. Both water filters and purifiers have their own advantages. Not to mention, both of them work efficiently to give you clean and safe water. Plus, both technologies use many processes to treat water.

You need to choose a system that suits your requirements and your area. Make sure that you determine the contaminant and impurities found in water in your location. This way, you can easily opt for a purification or filtration system that prevents the problems you may face. Sometimes, water has specific substances that you need to remove to prevent it from getting contaminated. In this case, you need to ensure that your chosen water cleaning solution has the ability to resolve the problem.

If you are confused about which system will work best for your house, it’s better to take advice from the experts. Or once you choose the company, you can consult them for picking the best water purification or water filter system for your house.

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Bottom Line

There are several benefits of purified or filtered water. You need to think about what type of features and advantages you need before choosing any one system. Additionally, make sure to consider your budget and system’s placement when searching for options.

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