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Your Guide to Aqua Systems’ Water Softeners

Your Guide to Aqua Systems’ Water Softeners

Aqua Systems is one of the country's leading water filtration companies — specifically in the Midwest. The Indiana-based company offers drinking water solutions, hard water solutions, water filtration solutions, problem water solutions, and whole-house solutions. The company claims their products will be the last water system you’ll ever buy. Do Aqua Systems’ water softeners live up to the hype?Here are some things to know before you buy: 

Free Water Testing

Here at Filter Smart, we’re advocates for getting your home’s water tested to fully understand what water solutions your home will need. Aqua Systems offers a free water test before suggesting which products they think will give you the best water. 

The Price

Aqua Systems offers four water softeners: the Budget Water Softener, Value Line Water Softener, SmartChoice Water Softener, and SmartChoice Twin Water Softener. 

As you probably already guessed, the Budget Water Softener is the most inexpensive option at $1,359 (this price includes a $200 installation fee). The Value Line Softener is $1,799 (with free installation). The SmartChoice Water Softener costs $2,099, and the SmartChoice Twin Water Softener will run you $2,499 (with free installation for both). 

Swappable Parts

Aqua Systems has a SmartChoice water softener with removable parts — one of the biggest driving reasons to purchase one of their systems. The removable parts make any maintenance on the system very straightforward and fast. This perk makes Aqua System customers feel more at ease whenever any unexpected issues arise. 


Since each part is removable, the water softener is incredibly easy to clean and maintain. 

Free Exchanges

It’s almost impossible to get to the point where you’d need to replace the entire water softener when you buy from Aqua Systems. The company offers free exchanges for parts that break — simply visit your local Aqua Systems store to replace them. 


The Three Parts

When you purchase a SmartChoice water softener from Aqua Systems, you will receive three parts that compose the entire system. The largest tank is called the resin tank.The water enters this tank (filled with resin beads), passes through the beads, and then gets softened. The second tank is the brine tank.This location is where regeneration takes place. Lastly, the smart control valveroutes the water through the system. Since this valve is a smart valve, it will learn your home’s water usage and adapt the system according to your typical schedule. 


Positive Reviews

Aqua Systems is one of Indiana's most popular water purification companies because they’ve been in business for a long time and have stellar reviews. One online user wrote, “It’s is a great value for your money, and it is nice to work with a local company with a great warranty. I would recommend them to my friends and family.” 


Whether you purchase a water softener from Aqua Systems or not, we encourage you to thoroughly read through reviews before buying any water filtration or softener system.


You Can Only Get Aqua Systems in Indiana

While Aqua Systems has a wide selection of effective water softeners, you’re out of luck if you don’t live in Indiana. You can contact them if you’d like to inquire about services in a nearby state, but the answer will likely be no. 


Everyone deserves a water softener that will improve their home’s water — which is why Filter Smart has salt-free water softeners available for everyone in the United States. You certainly don’t have to live in Indiana to receive an innovative water softener that you’ll love! 

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