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Whole House Water Filter Cartridge

Whole House Water Filter Cartridge

Whole house water filter cartridges are crucial to getting clean and safe water. Theyhelp you get rid of the impurities, contaminants, heavy metals, and other particles present in water. This way, you get clean water in thekitchen, bathroom, and other areas of your house.

Also, having an excellent filtration system also allows you to prevent mild to chronic health problems. Read the article further to know how water filters and theircartridge help you.

How Does aWhole House Water Filter Cartridge Work?

A whole house water filter provides contaminant-free water inthe entire house. It connects with the main water line of your house, so you get clean and healthy water from all sources in your house, such as laundry, toilets, showers, baths, and faucets. Generally, whole house water filters are installed into the main water line before installingthe hot water heating system in your house.

Additionally, the water filter comes with awater filter cartridge that contains any media. The media depends on the water filter system you have chosen. When the water enters the filter, it flows through the cartridge, allowing it to clean the water. The water enters from one end, interacts with the medium, and flows out from the other end. These processes maximize the water’s contact with media, allowing themto absorb or attract contaminants and impurities. Through this process, you can remove chlorine and improve thetaste and odor of water.

It is important to note that if you avoid installing awhole house water filter cartridge, then you can face health problems due to poor-quality water. According to the WHO, contaminated water increases the risk of transmission of chronic diseases, such as hepatitis A, polio, diarrhea, cholera, and dysentery. So, if you want to avoid consuming impure water, you need to invest in a high-quality water cartridge for your whole house water filter.

Types of Cartridge Filter         

There are two types of cartridge systems that you can choose according to your water filtration system and thelevel of impurities in water. It’s challenging for inexperienced homeowners to decide which one will work for their house. So, make sure to ask for expert advice before purchasing a filter cartridge or water filter system for your house.

Here are the two categories of cartridge filters. 

Surface Water Cartridge Filters

These filters don’t allow the contaminants or solids to enter cartridges to interact with the medium. Hence, restrict them outside the media. The surface cartridges system contains layers of materials that stick particles on the surface. Over time, the surface cartridge filter builds up contaminants on its surface that restrict the flow of water. Therefore, you get water ata low rate than before. 

However, you can clean the surface of the cartridge and start using it again. Furthermore, surface filters are relatively cheaper and have a shorter shelf life. You also need to know that the mechanical strength of its medium is less.

Depth Filters

This type of cartridge filter traps the pollutants, impurities, and contaminants within the media. Depth filters also offer you thicker andmultiple layers of media that make it difficult for the particles to pass through. It allows the filter to trap a large amountof contaminants and provide you clean water. 

It is important to note that as the contaminants traveling through this filter get trapped in it, the pores in the filter gradually get blocked. For this reason, you need to clean it through the reverse flow of water or simply replace the medium with the new one. Depth filters are expensive than surface filters but have a longer shelf life. You also need to know that the mechanical strength of these filters is high.

How Long Does a Whole House Water Filter Cartridge Last?

The life expectancy of the whole house water filter cartridge depends on several factors. They are:

  • The amount of sediments and minerals in your water.
  • The quantity of water you use every day.
  • The capacity and size of your whole house water filters.

Water filters are available in different sizes, and the size of the cartridge also depends on the size of your filtration system. You can determine thecapacity of water filters by how much water they can filter before the time of replacement. For instance, a filter can have the capacity to process 100,000 gallons of water in its lifetime.

Generally, a water filter can last more than sixmonths to a year, depending on the company you choose. In other words, you need to replace the cartridge after six months if you have bought an average quality water filter.

Does a Filter Cartridge Reduce Water Pressure?

When it comes to a completely new filter cartridge, then you will not experience any problem while using it. Filtration systems filter water quickly, so you get water without any hassle.

However, over time, your cartridge accumulates buildup that retains water from flowing easily and fast, and you might observea change in the water pressure. Since there will be a layer of contaminants, water will take time to pass throughthese solid particles. You don't need to worry about it, as you only experience anegligible difference in water pressure. Moreover, if you clean the cartridge or replace it, you will not face this problem.

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Bottom Line

If you are concerned because of the unpleasant smell or taste of water, you need an excellent, high-quality water filtration system that comes with thebest cartridge. Choosing the right water filter cartridge is more important than the water filter itself. You also need to know that if you install a small cartridge in your filtration system, the water will pass through the sides. This means that you will get unfilteredwater, so make sure to purchase the right size of thecartridge.

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