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How To Install Whole House Water Filter

How to Install Whole House Water Filter?


The purpose of installing a whole house water filter system or any other water filtration system is to get clean and pure drinking water. Tap water in many US states and neighborhoods is not suitable for drinking. A whole house water filter system provides not only clean drinking water but also for other use such as showering, washing clothes, etc.

In addition to the selection, you also have to take care of the installation process of your whole house water filter. Since these systems are hefty investments and offer many benefits, you have to make sure that you fit them properly in your house to enjoy usable and drinkable water. The installation mainly involves plumbing and appropriate fittings in the house. However, you don’t have to worry because we have created a comprehensive DIY installation guide for you.

Where Should You Install a Whole House Water Filter?

Before you bring the tools to get on with the installation, there are a few things that you have to consider. One of those is the location of the whole house water filter system in your house. Installing the filter system at the main water lines will help to get clean water in every tap and outlet in your house. This way, your whole house will have a clean water supply, excluding the outside faucets (if any). The best way to install this water filter system is in a location where you can easily replace the filters and cartridges.

You can install it near the water heater upstream of the main shut-off valve. It will potentially prolong the life of all appliances that use hot water. Well, purification will remove all sediment or contaminants before they affect the appliances. In case you have a private well, it is advisable to install a water filter system after installing your pressure tank.

The Whole House Water Filter Installation Process

The good thing about opting for a whole house water filter system is that whatever make or model you choose, its basic installation process will remain the same throughout different locations. According to the water filter system and DIY experts, the entire process doesn’t take more than 2 to 4 hours if everything goes right.

Fulfilling the Pre-Requisites of System Installation

Before beginning the plumbing process, it is your responsibility to go through the manual to make sure that you comply with the plumbing codes within your region. Besides, you should consult the manufacturer if you require help regarding the make and model of the whole house water filter system.

You have to shut off the main water supply and run nearly all the water fixtures and faucets to release the pressure and water. Next, you have to precisely cut the main water line to remove a sizeable portion. This cut-off section will accommodate a pipe that connects to your whole house water filter system and its components. You can use buckets for constantly running taps and faucets to prevent water spills and puddles, as these are injury hazards during a plumbing installation process.

After cutting, you have to sand both the severed ends of the mainline. Further, removing the debris from the pipe will ensure that there is no sediment at the point where you want to connect the whole house water filter system.

The next step after sanding the ends and cleaning the debris off the mainline is to install a shut-off valve on any side of the system to make the maintenance easy. Also, don’t forget to add a bypass to ensure you have water running in your house when the whole house water filter system is under service and maintenance. For now, you can install and shut off all the valves.

Moreover, it is advisable to install pressure gauges near each shut-off valve to monitor the input and output of water pressure. This way, you can determine the right time to replace filters.

Installing the System

Go for flex piping which is one of the best options for dry fitting. You may not know, but dry fitting will make up most of the system installation process. Keep a check on the position and direction of the out and in ports. If your pipe doesn’t fit, you can use adapters on the ports. When you complete the pipe installation, use tape to seal all the threaded ends of the piping to reduce the overall risks of leaks. In addition, avoid over-tightening the tape on plastic fittings, as it can result in cracks. These cracks will impact the performance of the water filter system from the start leading to early malfunctions and problems.

What’s more, if you use push fittings in the process, there will be no need for soldering. In case you require soldering for the pipes, clean the ends first and keep any plastic components away. If the whole house filter system comprises housings, it is best to rinse them with warm water to clear any debris present inside them. Use the best types of O-rings to make sure that they stay perfectly in place for a long period.

After Installation

You can turn on all the other valves except for the bypass valve. When the water starts to run, check if there are any leaks. If there are, identify their source and quickly perform a diagnosis to determine the cause. Make sure that all the housings and fittings are in place and tight.

Flushing the entire water and filter system at the end is part of the process to remove any old water, air, and debris formed during the installation process.

When trying to activate any filtration media, you can use the manufacturer’s manual to take notes and precautions. Once you notice that the pressure is back to normal, close all the outlets in the house. For maintenance, you can turn off the regular valves and turn on the bypass valve. However, during the entire installation process, keep the bypass valve closed.

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Installing a whole house water filter system in your house is not a difficult task, as you see above. If you don’t have experience or knowledge in DIY plumbing, you can take an expert’s help. Calling professionals to get the job done is the best approach, as a professional water filtration system company can help with the installation and maintenance of your water filter system.

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