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eSpring Water Filter Review

eSpring Water Filter Review

When water travels through different distribution systems, it may become unpleasant or unsafe to use for drinking purposes. Massive amounts of people do not have access to pure water. This increases the need for households to switch to bottled water or install a high-tech filtration system such as Amway’s eSpring water filter. eSpring not only guarantees better-tasting water, but it also provides clean and safe water purified from contamination.

Features of eSpring Water Filter

The purification system of eSpring uses three different technologies, so you can drink healthy and clean water. It includescarbon filtration, mechanical filtration, and UV light inactivation. All of these technologies function together and offer quality water. Below, you will find some common benefits of the eSpring water filter:

  • Advanced Carbon Block Filter

  • The fundamental feature of using this eSpring water filter includes the integration of the U.S. patented carbon block filter. This indicates that the system eliminates more than 140 harmful contaminants from the water. The common particles that it removes from the water include mercury, lead, volatile organic compounds, and disinfectant byproducts. 

    In addition, it leaves minerals such as calcium and magnesium behind. What’s more, Amway eSpring water filter acquiredcertification by NSF International indicating that it removes more contaminants than any other water treatment process. 

  • Smart Chip Technology

  • This eSpring system comes with smart chip technology. The chip monitors and notifies you aboutwater filter replacement. Usually, it takes a year or 5000 liters of water usage to change the filters.

  • Wireless Technology

  • The fringe benefit of this smart chip is that it eliminates the need for an electrical connection to power the UV lamp. It sends electricity using water, air, and plastic components, making it an intelligent, reliable, highly efficient, and wireless option. This significant advantage is only exclusive to the eSpring system.

    Benefits of eSpring Water Filter

    Here are some benefits of choosing Amway eSpring water filter:

  • Better Taste

  • Most people using systems other than the eSpring water treatment system complain about the water taste after filtration. However, with this water filter system, you receive improved clarity, odor, and taste of the water. That’s why many users appreciate this product and share their positive reviews on the internet.

  • Health and Quality

  • There are many products that offer clear-looking and good-tasting water but do not eliminates all the dangerous contaminants. Most water treatment solutions are unable to eliminate waterborne viruses and bacteria. The eSpring water filter is different from other options. The system not only keeps the water clear and tasty but also destroys more than 99.99% of waterborne viruses and bacteria.

  • Advanced Technology

  • The eSpring water filter system is the first product that includes three major treatment technologies. It includes electronic monitoring, UV light, and carbon block filter. 

    • UV light helps the system to eliminate more than 99.99% of microorganisms in the water.
    • With UV-Carbon Cartridge, the system eliminates more than 140 contaminants.
    • You can identify the time for replacements using an electronic monitoring system induced with this system.

    These three unique technologies combine together to offer safe drinking water so you and your family live healthy lives.

  • User-Friendly System

  • After installing this system into your home, you can enjoy safe drinking water anytime you want. Unlike jug-type and bottled water filters, this product has a compact design that requires less space to store the water. As a result, this treatment process is enough for the need of an average family requirement. Furthermore, it is a flexible and convenient option as you can attach it with your water connection. This enables you to drink healthy water through the tap.

  • Easy-to-Maintain

  • There are numerous brands for water filtration in the market, but the eSpring water filtration system is one of the best. This is because it offers a user-friendly system and is pocket friendly. Some other options require you to change your filter every month. This can be time-consuming and expensive. With this system, you have to change the filter every year or after every 5,000 liters of usage. 

  • Budget-Friendly

  • The value of quality that you receive from this water filtration system is way more than its cost. Therefore, choosing the water purification technology into your life can be a budget-friendly option. Other than money's reasonable price, this system also offers convenience and superior performance.

    How to install the eSpring Water Filter System

    When you will install the system for the first time, understanding the process may be a bit tricky. To make it simpler, Amway offers an installation guide and an 8 minutes video that explains the process in detail. In the video, most of the instruction explains how you can install the Diverter Valve that connects your normal tap with the system.

    You can connect the eSpring’s Diverter Valve with any sink faucet. Here are four different types of adapters that you can select. You can choose to depend on the thread on the faucet. After installing theDiverter Valve with your sink, you are left with the basic and simple settings. 

    Subsequently, you have to plug the system into the electrical outlet. Keep in mind that the electrical connection will only power the UV light. The carbon block filter will work on the water pressure, and you will not require any external power for that. The process is quite simple, isn’t it? Well, you can install the eSpring system without any mechanical skills or hiring a professional. 

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    The best thing about the eSpring water filter system is the extensive efforts and research that Amway contributed toward this product. Furthermore, the brand also focuses to educate its customers about its product. That is why, you will find numerous resources online, which will give you a better understanding of the product. Other than the eSpring water treatment filter, you can also choose other popular options for clean and safe water. Visitthis link to identify more treatment processes.

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