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Best Water Filters for Offices

Best Water Filters for Offices


Water filter systems primarily perform the task of purifying water in your house or any other space for drinking or other use. These water filter systems can remove contaminants, sediments, and toxins from the water supply of your office or house. Unpleasant odor, sediment, thick taste, or hardness in the water can affect your health. However, water filter systems can make the water crystal clear depending on the make and model you install and its purpose.

For example, when you are installing water filters for your office, the scale of purity will be larger, and you will need a more efficient water filter system than those used in residential spaces.

Why is Water Filter Purification Important for Offices?

Water is a basic necessity for all humans to survive. Without sufficient water in the body, you can face a lot of health problems. So, it is important to keep yourself hydrated to function efficiently throughout the day.  What’s even more important is to ensure to use purified water in your house, office, etc.

In this article, we will look at the best water filter types for offices. You may already know that human resource is just as essential as all the other capital and investments for a business. Moreover, if your employees are not healthy,  they can hardly achieve any goals for the business, and it will impact their productivity.

Hence, installing the right type of water filters systems in your office to provide clean water will keep all your workers healthy. Every water filter comprises a different purification process and method. Therefore, the effectiveness and large-scale application potential vary from one water filter to another.

Best Types of Water Filters for Offices

Depending on what kind of water filtration you require for your office, you can choose a variety of options in the market. For your ease, we have compiled a list of the best water filter system types that many commercial, big scale, and small scale businesses use. Pick the one that you think can solve the problem for your business and keep your workers healthy by providing a pure drinking water supply.

·         Reverse Osmosis Water Filters

The first water filter system on our list is the most sought-after water filtration system among businesses and other commercial spaces. Reverse osmosis (RO) water filtration system removes inorganic solids from the water, including calcium ions, magnesium, etc., which can leak into the water supply due to contamination or improper maintenance.

The removal process involves passing the water through a semi-permeable membrane. The RO filtration pressurizes the water through the membrane, leaving the inorganic contaminants behind. Also, it combines with other forms of purification methods to ensure that the water that leaves the system is pure.

Since RO water filters for offices involve water pressure processes, they consume less electricity. The use of additional filters in an RO system for multi-stage purification can make this water system expensive. However, since it offers the finest water purification results, the high cost makes it a worthwhile investment for the health and safety of workers in offices.

·         Scale Inhibition-Type Water Filters

The term sequestration means chemically separating a substance. In food-grade polyphosphate, scale inhibiting filters are widely popular for sequestering minerals like magnesium and calcium that cause corrosion and limescale. Despite that, use polyphosphate only in small quantities whenever possible; its job is to inhibit the scale of impurities rather than eradicate them.

Hence, the primary role of scale-inhibition water filters for offices is to retain the minerals in the water instead of removing impurities. Consequently, this process keeps the minerals from scaling on any surface that they interact with.

For the reasons above, scale inhibition water filters for offices are only advisable when the need for water filtration is relatively low. More so, in states or cities where the water quality is high, scale inhibition water filters might work the best for offices.

·         Ion Exchange Water Filters

Ion exchange water filtration is quite simple. It involves replacing the minerals that cause the water to become hard such as calcium ions and magnesium with hydrogen and sodium ions. This softens the water and makes it safe for drinking. In comparison to scale inhibition water filters for offices, ion exchange filters comprise physical removal processes to eliminate water-hardening minerals.

·         Absorption-Type Water Filters

Absorption water filters for offices involve the use of activated charcoal (carbon) to effectively remove the water-borne contaminants from the water. The main reason why the absorption method uses carbon to filter water is carbon has an internal surface that is highly effective in removing chemical water impurities like chlorine.

Furthermore, in commercial absorption-type water filters for offices, there is granular activated carbon that eliminates odors and tastes. Additionally, many expensive filters contain carbon elements that have a micron rating for removing the finest contaminating particles from the water.

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Every water filter system has its own set of limitations. Hence, using multiple methods of purification is advisable to get maximum results and clean water. However, if various water filtration systems combine and create a multi-stage purification process, the percentage of water purity can be higher.

For example, suppose you equip your office with an RO system water purification system only. In this case, the water purification may not be as high as when there is an RO system integrated with activated charcoal and absorption purifying methods. Every office requires maximum water purification regardless of the size of the workforce.

Therefore, when you are reviewing water filters for your office, ensure to keep all the water purification needs in your mind. While various water filters offer several benefits, only a few water filter systems may be effective in large-scale commercial applications. So make an informed decision for your employees and your safety.

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