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4-Stage Reverse Osmosis System


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Undersink Reverse Osmosis System

The FilterSmart Reverse Osmosis System provides purified drinking water on demand right from your kitchen sink.

Take control of your hydration by transforming your ordinary tap water into purified delicious drinking water.

Better than bottled water quality

Our 4-stage Reverse osmosis system produces ultra purified drinking water right in your kitchen sink. There is no need to waste countless bottles or refill water jugs.

With Filtersmart Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Systems, great tasting water is now as close as your kitchen tap. So is your peace of mind - knowing that you’re providing your family with the best quality water right at home for drinking, cooking, ice and coffee making, baby-formula, pet feeding, dietary/medical uses, and precious plants watering.

4-stages for maximum filtration

Using a sediment filter, a carbon block, RO membrane and a polishing carbon filter, our reverse osmosis system provides a 99% containment removal rate and taste that is comparable to bottled water.

Filtersmart Reverse Osmosis system reduces unwanted substances bigger than 0.0001” such as carcinogens, heavy metal ions such as cadmium, chromium, lead and mercury; chlorine, cryptosporidium, salts, turbidity, nitrate, VOC’s, organic compounds, dissolved solids, tastes and odors leaving only clean, great tasting water.

Purified drinking water right at home

Delicious drinking water that you can trust.

Save hundreds of dollars a year on bottled or delivered water

Our reverse osmosis systems pays itself back within a year when compared to bottled or water delivery services. Using the same filtering methods you get better water on demand with up to 50 or 75 gallons per day.

Reverse osmosis is the same process used by most major bottled water suppliers. With a Filtersmart Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System, you can have the same highest-quality water available from your own faucet for a fraction of the cost of bottled water.

Premium Components built to last

Our systems are premium USA made and certified by the water quality association for optimum filtration and for quality components.

Easy, low cost installation

Installation is compact and easy with DIY installation or by a certified plumber. Our RO systems can be installed within an hour and require no additional parts or plumbing.

Included with the 4-Stage RO system: RO Unit, 3.2 Gallon Storage Tank, 50 gpd Membrane, Storage Tank Shut-off Ball Valve, Angle Stop Adapter Valve, Drain Saddle Valve, Faucet Package, Filter Housing Wrench, 1/4" & 3/8" Tubing, 5 Micron Sediment Cartridge, Carbon Block Cartridge.

4- Stage FS-50-RO

Our Filtersmart 4-stage standard RO system is affordable, compact, efficient and comes with better than industry standard parts.

USA designed and made you can rest easy knowing your RO system is not outsourced or made overseas. Once installed cartridge can last up to a year and the RO membrane over 2 years before needed replacements.

Our standard system produces up to 50 gallons per day of purified drinking water.

FS-75-twistloc Reverse Osmosis System

Our upgraded system comes with a larger storage tank being able to produce over 75 gallons per day of purified drinking water. Our Quick change twist and loc cartridges make it easy to replace and maintain.

Select your faucet for a beautiful look

Select your designer facet to match your kitchen decor. We carry a wide range of facet colors to make your dedicated RO faucet match seamlessly into your kitchen. Our high grade faucets are built to look nice and worth efficiently with your under sink reverse osmosis system.



Storage Tank: 50 Gallons Per Day

Stages: 4 Stages of filtration

Replacement: Sediment and carbon every 1 year. RO membrane every 2 years.



Storage Tank: 75 Gallons Per Day

Stages: 4 Stages

Replacements: Sediment and carbon every 1 year. RO membrane every 2 years


Storage tank 3.2 Gallon Tank

Membrane : Thin Film Composite (50 gpd), Sediment pre-filter 5 Micron, Polypropylene Carbon pre-filter, Solid Block Carbon, 2nd Carbon pre-filter

Carbon Cartridge Carbon post filter, Inline Granular Activated Carbon,

Fittings: Quick Connect

Caution: Do not use where water is microbiologically unsafe or with water of unknown quality without adequate disinfection before or after the unit. System must be maintained according to manufacturer’s instructions.

Lifetime warranty on tanks and parts against manufacturer defects.

FilterSmart warranty ensures the customer or original owner that the tank, valves, fittings etc. will be free from defects under typical use. This warranty does not cover items that were damaged from improper use or installation. If the items are damaged due to misuse, neglect, improper installation, accidents, physical damages, or damages resulting from misuse based on the specs or recommendations, the warranty will be voided.

Try our reverse osmosis for 90 days risk free. If you are not 100% satisfied we will gladly give you your money back.

90 Day In-Home Trial:

We are so certain that you will see the value and benefits of using your FilterSmart Water System each day that we are happy to offer a risk-free 90 day in-home trial. If you are not completely satisfied and don’t find FilterSmart to meet your expectations, just simply return it within 90 days for a full refund. FilterSmart stands behind its products and our commitment to your satisfaction is our top priority.

Reverse Osmosis System FAQs

z How much room is needed under the sink?

The Reverse osmosis system has two main components that sit under the sink. The filter cartridges and storage tank. The cartridges require 17 inches x 7 inches deep and 17 inches tall. The storage tank is 10 inches x 10 inches x 15 inches tall. Also consider additional minor space for plumbing to and from the system.

z Where does the additional facet install?

Reverse osmosis systems require a dedicated faucet. The faucet would go in the additional hole in the sink. If you do not have an available hole, a plumber will easily be able to drill an additional hole for the facet. We also carry the drill part to make a new hole and is easy to do DIY( contact support if needed).

z How often are the filters replaced?
z What does reverse osmosis remove from the water?
z Does reverse osmosis remove healthy minerals too?

Reverse osmosis is such a fine filter that 95% of minerals are also removed from the water. However most experts agree that we gain most of our essential minerals such as calcium and magnesium from the foods we eat, not the water we drink. We can add a remineralizer to the system if you contact support.

z How long does the system take to install? Do I need a plumber?

Installation of the reverse osmosis system is easy and takes about an hour to do. Most DIY homeowners should easily be able to install the reverse osmosis system themselves. If you are not handy, a plumber will easily be able to install the system as most plumbers install RO units regularly.

z What parts all come with the system?

Each system comes with complete parts to install and maintain the system.

Included with the 4-Stage RO system: RO Unit, Storage Tank, 50 gpd Membrane, Storage Tank Shut-off Ball Valve, Angle Stop Adapter Valve, Drain Saddle Valve, Faucet Package, Filter Housing Wrench, 1/4" & 3/8" Tubing, 5 Micron Sediment Cartridge, Carbon Block Cartridge.

z Can I hook up my refrigerator to the Reverse Osmosis System?

Yes, as long as you can reach it with a 1/4 inch tube to the under-sink RO unit. Some refrigerators require a certain amount of water pressure. Ask a plumber the best way to hook up the RO unit to a refrigerator.

z Can i remove the RO system if I move?

Yes. You can uninstall the RO unit and reinstall in a new sink if you should move. All warranties will remain with the original owner.

z Do I need electricity for the RO system?

No. The reverse osmosis system runs on water pressure therefore does not need any electrical hook up. You will only need electricity for a pressure boost pump if needed.

z Can I try the water and see if I like the taste?

Absolutely. Try our system for 90 days and if you are not happy with the water taste or quality, simply ask for a money back return.

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