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Why Filter

Why Filter?

The quality of the water coming into our homes is one of the top concerns for home owners today.  Close to 90% of Americans rely on municipal water districts to get drinking water.  The city water can come from both underground water sources and surface water that is pulled, stored and sent to homeowners.  All city water districts are required to chlorinate the water to reduce the chances of bacteria developing while it travels in miles pipes  to homeowners. 

Chlorine can create foul odors, bad taste and chlorine by products that are created when chlorine comes into contact with inorganics.  This creates Trithalomethanes (THM’s) and haloacetric Acids (HAAs) are very common with water treated with chlorine and are a known carcinogen (cancer causing). 

As necessary as disinfection is to keep water from bacterial matter, once it arrives at your home it is not needed.  This is why people choose to filter the water with various carbons or membrane filters to remove them from the water. 


What is the best form of filtration?

The EPA has stated that the best method for filtration is granulated activated carbon or GAC.  Because of

 its ability to greatly improve taste and remove contaminants through absorption, it has been shown to be greatly effective.  You can read more on the EPA’s recommendation here

Activated carbon is the best method we have to absorb chemical compounds at a high volume.  GAC is also great in that is leaves in the beneficial minerals we need in water.  Calcium and magnesium is a natural found mineral that is vital to a healthy diet.  Removing these minerals via “ion exchange” or Reverse Osmosis is considered “over filtration” and produces water free from natural minerals.   The more studies done point to a healthy diet drinking water full of these natural (hard minerals).

RO systems also waste hundreds of gallons of water for every few gallon they produces.  Salt based softeners waste water through regeneration as well as use electricity and salt.  RO systems became popular in homes with salt based softeners.  Most homeowners would have a salt based softener and an RO system for drinking water as it was needed to remove the sodium.  Unfortunately the RO systems deplete all minerals and cannot tell the good from the bad.  The result was dirty tap water full of sodium at every tap, and a RO drinking water at the kitchen faucet that was depleted from all natural mineral. 

 Both are not smart ways of filtering the water in your home.

Granulated Activated Carbon

So what is the smartest way to filter your water? That is GAC from natural coconut shell carbon.  The carbon when added at the point of entry in your home will remove all chemical based compounds at every tap.  It produces mineral drinking water all throughout your house to drink with, cook with and bath with.  The coconut shell based carbon is natural way to remove these compounds and produce high quality drinking water.  It also does not leach or add any negative by-products in the water.  The carbon leaves in the good minerals we need like Calcium and Magnesium. This GAC is featured in all FilterSmart Whole House Water Filters.

Absolutely not!!Isn’t hard water a contaminant?

Hard water is absolutely good for you.  It is an abundant mineral found in the most pure natural springs.  Unfortunately millions of Americans have taken to salt “ion exchange” devices for use in their home to remove the hard water thinking it was bad for them.  This has led to higher sodium content in the water which is both bad for the environment and unhealthy.   

Hard water is responsible for scaling on you pipes, fixers and appliances.  Our salt free water softeners treat this hard water without the use of salt.  The TAC process suspends the Ca and Mg in the water not allowing it to create limescale.  Hard water is not the reason for dry itchy skin after showers.  Chorine is responsible for dry itchy skin for some people with sensitive skin.   Ion exchange water softeners basically take unfiltered dirty tap water and produce, unfiltered dirty tap water full of sodium!

FilterSmart is committed to replace every salt based “ion exchange” device in the America!


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