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Real Customer Reviews

  Love The system!  Had it for a few months now and can't really say enough.  So much better than your traditional salt system and finally no more sodium in the water.  We are really glad we went with FilterSmart for our water filtration system!  

Lauren L - Lake Forrest CA


Great system and great tasting drinking water.  You can go wrong with the coconut shell carbon.

John N- CA


We live in Oregon very close to Mt. Hood. The home we just purchased is on a 
community well! You might think that this is a good thing however, there is so much 
Chlorine used to treat the water even our dog would not drink it. The smell was horrible.
I spent several weeks researching whole house filter systems. The cost is only one factor, 
maintenance and actual function is more important. What does it really remove? Well we 
choose the Whole house system and are absolutely thrilled. In addition to being 
able to drink clean tasting, no-odor water, even Louie, our St. Bernard, drinks now, a side 
effect is after a shower we noticed our hair is softer and skin feels better.

Thank you FilterSmart.
Great people to work with and a Wonderful product.
Eric- Oregon 


 Truly Great product.  The FilterSmart team really believes in going salt free and not adding sodium and other chemicals to the water.  No wasted water or electricity is by far the best upgrade to these new "up-flow" designed systems.  If you are in the market for a filter system don't  look and further.  By far the best in the industry for product, support and price!!


FilterSmart really cares about their customers.  I had a small problem with my system with the water pressure when i installed the Combo system.  I called and got in touch with Colin.  They were luckily doing a pickup in the LA area and said they would stop by the  house and look at the system.  They looked at it and said i forgot to properly pre soak the carbon for 24 hrs which caused the inner basket that was casing water pressure drop.  They took the carbon filter re built it and sent it to me within a couple days.   I re installed and presto@!  It worked great. 

I could not believe they would go through the trouble to help me out and KNOW that no one else in the industry would have helped me out to that length.  

This should give you a good idea what the people at FilterSmart are like!

What a great company!

Dan- Wake Forrest




I have owned about 5-6 different homes throughout the years.  I have had every product from Culligan, Rain soft,  Lifesource and more and can tell you the best one was the FilterSmat Combo system.  It produced by far the best quality water I have had with some of the worst tap water here in Southern CA.  You should look no further in you water filtration needs.  

When you take price, quality product and people you can't get muh better.  There is no bad reviews online about FilterSmart and for good reason.   I think a lot of other companies "hide" bad reviews but with FilterSmart im convinced there are no un happy customers.  They said the reason for this was very few returns and those that did try it, returned it for their money back, and hd no beef with the company.  No "improper" installations, warranty voided if it was nt installed by a certified plumber, ect.   Nothing hidden, just a great company

Allice C

Unfortunately you have to really do your homework with water filtration.  Im convinced that anyone that does their homework, calls and talks to the support or sales team will end up purchasing from FilterSmart.  They showed me where there system compares to other brands and things to look for or ask, like amount of carbon used, warranty, GPM or the stainless steel cover look alikes.  

When I went back to look at the other company specs they were right on.  No sales pressure gimmicks just up from information about what there product does and does not do.  

If you want salt free and a great product nd price FilterSart is the place.  

Nancy B -Arizona 

If you are in the market for a whole house water system you are in the right place.  Great product and customer support.  Ordered the Combo system which was the best price on the market with the SS covers.  The water tastes much better and am thrilled with it.  Right when we turned the water on and ran it through the system you can taste, smell and feel the difference.  It was great.  We are happy with the purchase and would recommend FilterSmart to any friend or family member.  Installation was a breeze for my experienced plumber/ Husband! Looks great!

Joan- MI

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