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salt free water softeners

Salt free water softeners can get rid of contaminants without adding salt back into your water. Enjoy longer-lasting appliances and fresher water today.

FilterSmart Salt Free
Water Softener


  • Certified 99% effective
  • Natural water softener
  • No salt or potassium
  • No electrical or water waste
  • Lifetime warranty
FilterSmart Filter/Salt Free
Softener Combo


  • Certified 99% effective
  • NSF AW coconut shell carbon
  • Natural water softener
  • Whole house water filtration
  • No salt or potassium
  • Lifetime warranty
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Salt Free Water

Softeners versus Salt

Based Water Softeners

Salt free water softeners (also known as water conditioners) versus salt based water softeners -- what's the difference? How can you choose?

How do Salt Based

Water Softeners Work?

The traditional salt-based water softener removes magnesium and calcium from the water and adds sodium. Magnesium and calcium are essential nutrients for water hardness. According to a research study published in the.

Downsides to Salt

Based Water Softeners

It is becoming increasingly common for municipalities to ban the use of automatic water softeners because recycling water is becoming a necessity. A salt-based water softener needs to be regularly recharged by adding more.

Benefits of Getting a

Water Softener and Filter

Combination System

If you want the safest water, a water softener and filter combination system is the way to go. The filtration component removes:

  • Sediment
  • Pollutants
  • Chlorine
  • Impurities

Proven Results

FilterSmart Salt-Free water softeners are NSF, WQA certified and 99.6% effective at treating hard water build-up. By treating hard water, the pipes, appliances and fixtures in your home will be protected from the corrosive effects of limescale.

Healthier Water

Our salt free water softeners do not use sodium or salts like traditional water softeners. The systems also introduce beneficial minerals we need for a healthy diet. Enjoy spring-like water full of minerals without added chemicals.


FilterSmart systems require no water waste or electricity for backwashing, helping to reduce your environmental impact.

Saves Money

Salt-based softeners require monthly salt exchanges along with the required electricity and water. Without mentioning the high cost of installing it, salt-based water softeners cost hundreds of dollars per year. FilterSmart systems only require a low installation cost and virtually no operating cost.

Protect appliances, pipes and plumbing.

Hard water slowly corrodes fixtures and faucets. It shortens the life-span of any appliance that uses water. Using our salt-free media will help you to avoid costly appliance and plumbing repairs.

FilterSmart Systems is the #1 salt-free water softener system.

Put An End To Hard Water Today!

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