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No, hard water is essentially natural minerals made up of mostly calcium and magnesium that are commonly found in the most purest springs in the world. It is figured to be healthy and far more environmentally friendly to keep these minerals in our drinking and tap water.  Ion exchange or salt based systems remove these natural minerals.

We ship all water systems direct to the homeowner via free UPS ground shipping.   All systems are carefully packaged and shipped direct to the homeowner with media's pre loaded inside the tank ready for installation.   

Our lifetime warranty covers the tanks and valves against manufacturer's defect.  Warranties are voided if improperly used or improper installation.  Please read all manuals and instructions prior to use. 

The carbon filter is perfect for residences that do not have excessive limescale buildup or if it is not a nascence.  If you do have hard water and would like to reduce the effect of limescaling then the Filter Conditioner Combo will work great.

Whole house filtration, great tasting drinking water, soft skin and hair= Whole house Carbon Filter

Whole house filtration, great tasting drinking water, soft skin and hair + (Limescale) Hard water= Whole House Filter + Conditioner  

We use granulated activated carbon, also known as GAC.  GAC has been recommended by the EPA as one of the best forms of filtration because of its ability to absorb contaminants at high levels for extended periods of time.  One tablespoon of GAC can cover the surface area of an entire football field.  Its large surface area allows it to grab and absorb impurities in water.

We also use only carbon made from natural recycled coconut shells.  The coconut shells add nothing to the water and is the most natural way of filtration.  The coconut shell carbon is also known to add a sweet refreshing taste to the water.

All carbon is NSF certified

Our Water conditioner uses TAC to crystallize calcium and magnesium so that hard water does not create limescale.  It’s the perfect substitute for salt water softeners and uses no salt, adding no sodium to the water supply.

GAC can remove a wide range of contaminants and because of the longer contact time with the carbon, our filters reduce far more than facet or under the sink filters including:

• Chlorine

• Chloramine

• VOCs  (volatile organic compounds)

• SOCs  (synthetic organic compounds)

• THMs

• Pesticides

• Herbicides

• Industrial Solvents

The carbon media lasts for 5 years before it needs to be replaced. 

Every filter comes with a lifetime warranty on the tanks and valves.  After the filtering media expires you simply disconnect the system and exchange it with new media.  It is a simple enough task homeowners can do in 35 minutes.  So the filters are virtually reusable time after time.  There are no electrical hookups or high power backwashing, so essentially there is nothing that can go out or break.   The high spun fiberglass tanks are so strong and resistant, as long as it is taken care of there should be no reason it lasts for your grandchildren. 

Because there is no way for us to show or demonstrate the quality of water you will get simply try it out for 90 days and see if it’s worth it.  We have a 90 day 100% try it or love it money back guarantee.  If you don’t love it, simply ship it back to use within 90 days for a full refund.

Since we are a manufacturer direct, we do not install any systems.  We do however can help assist in finding a local plumber in your area. We are not responsible for installation but are more than willing to help guide you or your plumber through the installation.  Because our systems are easiy to install most homeowners do it them self.  A local plumber on average with charge 200-300 dollars for a standard installation.  

If you are handy have a plumber you like to use then simply order online.  All warranties are not affected.

We ship all systems UPS pre-loaded with media, ready to be installed. 

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