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Whole House Carbon Filtration

A whole house carbon filtration system removes chemicals from municipal drinking water treatment. It can prevent chemicals from entering and contaminating water in your home. Moreover, it can provide you with refreshing, better-tasting water. The water is free from chlorine taste and smell.

Do you consider the safety of water in your house and think about whether the water you drink and use in cooking is safe or not. It is essential to check the water you are using because contaminated water can affect your health and cause illnesses. Sometimes, you may fail to identify the damage the contaminated water is causing to you. In this case, a whole-house carbon filter installation can help you solve the problem. The whole-house carbon filtration process can treat water and purify it from all harmful chemicals.

How do whole House Carbon Filters Work?

Carbon filters work by removing contaminants through adsorption. It means the activated carbon surface attracts the contaminants like magnets pull iron fillings. In addition, carbon filters also work as a catalyst to change the chemical composition of some contaminants. Besides, activated carbon plays a significant role in removing organic chemicals like pesticides and chlorine. In addition, it removes chloroform and other components, including solvents, gasoline, and other industrial cleaners. One of the most effective ways to purify water is using whole house carbon filtration.

Life-Span of Whole House Carbon Filter

Carbon filters have a usage in reverse osmosis drinking water systems. It is essential to replace both the carbon filter and the polishing carbon filter (granular activated carbon filter) every 6-12 months. In addition, some of the factors may also affect the level of water dirtiness and contamination. Moreover, some factors include carbon quality, usage, and humidity. So, the life of the whole house carbon filter depends on all these above factors.

How does Whole House Carbon Filtration System Work?

1)     Carbon Filtration

The method minimizes chlorine through a chemical reaction. The whole house carbon filters work when water passes through a media tank consisting of activated carbon media. As a result, the water becomes free from chlorine taste and odor, making it pure and fresh. It is essential to clean and reactivate the carbon media daily by fixing the backwash cycle.

2)     Backwashing Cycle

Water gets cleaned through the system and the media and finally passes to the drain. Then it passes through the backwashing cycle there. In addition, backwashing is essential to increase the lifespan of media and improve the filter's performance.

3)     Controlling Cycle

The controller is the electronic meter on the top of the system's tank that controls the backwashing cycle. It is possible to set the backwashing cycle for a particular number of days. The electronic meter is efficient in identifying the amount of water used.

Benefits of the Whole House Carbon Filtration System

The whole house carbon filtration removes toxic chemicals from the water.

1.      Harmful Chemical Removal

Chlorine is the chemical used in municipal drinking water to kill microbes, including viruses, protozoa, bacteria, and endospores. As a result, there is a smell and odor of chlorine in drinking water. In this case, it harms your skin by making it dry and itchy whenever you use water to wash your skin. At this point, a carbon filter system can provide you high performance and long-lasting filter media that ensure clean and healthy water. The whole house carbon filtration process can convert your chlorinated water into clean and safe water without any taste and smell of chlorine.

2.      Economical Solution

A whole house carbon filter offers an economical solution to your problems. Moreover, it is best to purify the water flowing through all taps and plumbing. The filtration system gets installed at the main water supply point in your home.

3.      Purification

The whole house carbon filter can provide clean water in all your water outlets, including the master bedroom shower, laundry room, etc. If your water supply consists of a higher level of calcium and magnesium that makes the water hard, the carbon filter can help purify the water, save your hair from being brittle and your skin from being dry. In addition, it can remove sediments from the pipes and appliances.

It is important to note that hard water can shorten the life of pipes, dishwashers, water heaters, clothes washers, and other appliances. So, you need to use the right filtration system.

  • In addition, it offers the following features:
  • The coconut-shell-based carbon is efficient in removing chlorine and provides long filter life.
  • It offers an automated system for continuous water flow to your home, even during the reactivation process.
  • It contains a single singular rotary disc seal that ensures less maintenance.
  • The system is simple, and it offers easy programming instead of any complex procedure.
  • Moreover, it can restore settings in power outages.
  • Pure water can make your skin healthier and makes your hair shinier.
  • It ensures better quality water.

What does Whole House Carbon Filtration Remove from Water?

Carbon filtration efficiently removes chlorine, chemical pollutants, trihalomethanes, and associated tastes and foul odors from the water supply. They can provide clean water in all water outlets in your homes. In addition, these filters can minimize color and turbidity that ensures freshwater with good taste in every tap in your home.

The carbon filters consist of deep activated carbon components produced from different organic substances like coconut, coal, and ignite responsible for water flow. The activated carbon gets heated at high temperatures in the absence of oxygen. As a result, it forms millions of microscopic holes. The increased surface area due to the activation process improves the carbon’s chemical removal efficiency and increases filter life.

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Whole-house carbon filtration ensures clean water in your home in all water outlets. Plus, it offers an economical solution for the problem of water contamination due to different chemicals.

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