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When, Why and How to Replace Your Water Softener | Water Quality

If you valuewater quality, you probably have a water softener or water filter in your home. Water softening systems help to remove high levels of minerals in regular American tap water and help enhance the quality of the water you drink and wash with. Using awater softenersystem not only improves tap water, making it safer to drink, but it also makes showering and washing a far better experience. When yourwater softener is clogged or stops working, you’ll certainly notice the difference. 

Although drinking hard water is widely considered safe in the US and you’re unlikely to experience significant health problems by doing so, hard water can dry out your skin, lead to breakouts and damage your hair. As experts inwater quality,take a look at our online range ofwater softener solutionsthat will help you upgrade thewater quality for you and your family andreplacement filters. Now let’s explore howwater qualitycan impact your health and overall sense of wellbeing.

 3 ReasonsReplacing a Water Softener Is Important 

Have you ever heard the termhard water and soft water? Well, this term refers to thewater quality in your home or workplace. Hard water is typically high in mineral content and can often contain calcium, magnesium carbonates and sulfate. If you don’t already have awater softener system, you should consider investing in one, or replacing your existing salt-basedwater softener with a more eco-friend solution. If you ever start to feel a film on your hands after washing them, notice spots on your taps and experience low water pressure, it might be time to either upgrade or replace yourwater softener.Here’s how to tell if you have hard water flowing through your pipes. 

1: Hard Water Can Damage Your Hair

The problem with hard water at home is that taking a daily shower might be ruining your hair and skin. For those concerned about thin hair, hair breaking or hair loss, you should pay close attention to the water you’re using to water your hair. Some people argue that showering in hard water can make your hair more vulnerable to breaking and increase the chances of dandruff and an itchy scalp. 

 2: High Levels Of Minerals Can Cause Breakouts 

The high concentration of minerals in hard water can disrupt the pH balance of your skin, making your more likely to develop pimples and acne. So if you wash and cleanse your face regularly, but you’re still breaking out, your tap water could be the culprit. If you have dry skin, washing your hands in hard water can actually make this condition worse, as the concentration of minerals can quickly dry out your skin and make eczema and other skin conditions worse.

3: Drinking Hard Water Is Bad For Your Health

Even though it’s considered safe to drink bothhard water and soft water, for people suffering from high blood pressure, drinking a daily glass of tap water, high in minerals can actually make your condition worse. Hard water has been found to have blood pressure raising effects. Even if you have awater softener, if it uses salt to filter the water, you need to upgrade to a salt-free system such as theFilterSmart Salt-Free Water Softener System FS500.

 How YourWater Softener Works

Installed in your home, awater softener system will effectively remove excess minerals and any nasties from your tap water, giving you a better taste and higherwater quality. Our systems at FilterSmart are tested and certified, and use the highest quality of activated carbon from natural coconut shells, to filter your tap water in an organic way. Rather than use coal-based carbon, which many companies do in order to keep costs down, we choose to source acid washed coconut shell activated carbon from Southeast Asia, to guarantee your tap water is pure and safe. To take the water filter process a step further, each FilterSmart water system comes with a sediment pre-filter to remove debris, silt, rust and sediment before it ends up in your glass or on your skin. Our modern and eco-friendly water filter systems can remove chlorine, chloramine, VOCs, SOCs, THMs, industrial solvents, pesticides and herbicides, giving you a pure flavor and bottledwater quality.

A typicalwater softener lifespan is around 10 to 20 years as long as it is well maintained. If you have a salt version, you’ll need to replace the salt should yourwater softener get clogged or you notice a drop inwater quality. This should ideally be done every 8 weeks or so. On the other hand, our models require minimum maintenance. You will only need to replace our sediment pre-filter annually, helping to save you money when it comes to the upkeep of yourwater softener system. 

Signs YourWater Softener Is Clogged

One of the main telltale signs that yourwater softener is cloggedis that it stops using salt, but if your system doesn’t use salt to filter your water, how do you know when it needs to be replaced? Well, by investing in a salt-free softening system, you will never need to buy heavy bags of salt again. The only maintenance required on our filtration systems is the replacement of the sediment pre-filter, every 8 to 10 months. If you notice a different taste to your water, it feels different on your skin, or your house plants are no longer thriving, and it’s been 10 months since you last replaced the pre-filter, simply head over to our online replacement section and pick up areplacement pre-filterfor yourwater softener. It’s really that simple! 

Eco-friendlyWater Softener System

If you care aboutwater quality, you probably care about the environment too! Traditional salt-basedwater softenersystems are not eco-friendly, as the salt adds to the environmental salinity problem. Salinity can impact the environment in a big way. Agriculture is widely effected and salinity can decrease plant growth, resulting in lower crop yield. Salinity can also damage the soil, causing issues with erosion and farming. 

Since we choose organic coconut shell activated carbon over salt, ourwater softener systems are naturally safe and eco-friendly. Enjoy purewater quality without the need for harsh chemical and salt, which usually need to be replaced every couple of months, meaning you’ll have to commit to replacing the salt at least 6 times a year. Our eco-friendlywater softeners come with a lifetime warranty too, to guarantee that should anything go wrong, or you notice a manufacturer defect, you will be sent a replacement part free of charge. In fact, the FilterSmart Salt-FreeWater Softenerrequires no maintenance, wastes no water or electricity, and can save you a significant amount of money! 

So for minimum maintenance, purewater quality and an eco-friendly lifestyle, invest in a salt-freewater softener from FilterSmart today. Feel free to take a look at our online collection ofwater softening solutions andreplacement pre-filters here.

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