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What’s So Special About Sterling Water Softeners?

What’s So Special About Sterling Water Softeners? 

Whenever you spend money on something that should last upwards of ten years, it’s necessary to do thorough research to find a product that is the right fit for you and your family. Water softeners are significant purchases — they are typically bigger investments, make your water more enjoyable, and should last for approximately ten years.Instead of spending time looking for information about Sterling water softeners from multiple websites, we’ve answered commonly asked questions in one place to make your search for a water softener easier and more enjoyable: 


Sterling Water Treatment’s Free Water Tests

The United States Geographical Survey presented information that showed many families in the United States have hard water in their homes. So, what do you do if you believe your home has hard water?You should send a water sample to a specialized lab to determine the quality of your home’s water! Sterling Water Treatment offers free water analysis at their locations across the country. Based on the results from the water test, you will be given recommendations on which products would be best suited for your home. 

Sterling Water Softener Selection

After you’ve determined that your home or commercial space requires a water softener, you’ll need to choose between the thousands of water softeners online. Sterling Water Treatment has a selection of seventeen different water softeners you can choose from on their website and at licensed retailers all over the country. It’s always good to have options when choosing something as important as a water softener! 

There are three different types of Sterling water softeners: the first model features a basic Sterno-style cartridge with water-softening resin, the second model uses an electronic method to heat the resin (therefore softening your water), and the third model uses a positive electric discharge to supply sodium or potassium ions into the resin. 

We understand that the process of water softeners may look like a foreign language, but the inner workings of these machines matter. You want to ensure you choose a machine that features all the technology your family will find helpful and convenient. 


What Are the Benefits of Sterling Water Softeners? 

Getting to the headline of the article — Sterling water softeners are special because the company produces high-quality, durable, and cost-effective products. You don’t necessarily need to spend an arm and a leg on a water softener.Instead, you could opt for a reasonably priced water filter that still has innovative technology. These water softeners feature digital controls, making the process of changing the settings completely seamless. 

Whenever you purchase a product that is supposed to be long-lasting, you should always take a look at the warranty. The warranties are put into place to promise that particular parts will hold up over time. If a part stops working while under warranty, you’ll be shipped a new part for no cost. We don’t want to see you choose a water softener from a company with a short or unfair warranty. Sterling Water Treatment offers fantastic warranties for their tanks and valves — giving you the confidence you need to trust your system will continue to soften your home’s water for years to come. 

Are Sterling Water Softeners Worth It? 

Here’s the thing: many companies sell water softeners and filters separately. Sterling Water Treatment combines the filter (to remove contaminants from the water) with a water softener (to make the water feel fresher). Instead of purchasing them separately, you may find it easier to have the two parts placed into one effective system. 

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