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Triple Action Poly Salt-Free Water Softener - The Hard Water Bullet Review

This hard water bullet isn’t the perfect product for everyone, but it does have a selling point that differentiates it from most of its competition: it’s salt-free, and resin-free. It truly redefines space by rolling so many functions into a single kit small enough to fit just about anywhere.

The salt-free water softener that you choose can have a huge impact on the quality of your water. Because of this, it’s so important to choose a high-quality whole house water softener for your whole family.

The Triple Action Poly Salt-free Water Softener - The Benefits

Super Easy to Use & Saves Space: The slick design makes this salt-free water softener so easy to use, and saves a bunch of space. It comes pre-assembled and to roll, which means that by using this whole house salt-free softener, you’re able to avoid the complication that can plague some water softeners at the initial setup stage.

Ultra-Lightweight: The filter tips are just 4 pounds and measuring just 4.5 x 4.5 x 10 inches, a bracket is thrown in and makes this unit ideal for mounting outdoors or in restricted spaces.

You Don’t Need to Replace the Filter: This salt-free water softener saves you the hassle of replacements along with running costs that seem to never end. Installed with a 50-micron filter, and make from stainless steel, you’re able to slip in and out for easy cleaning.

Salt-free Water Softener in a Class of its Own: You’ve heard us mention the term ‘salt-free water softener’ quite a bit throughout the article now, but that’s because we believe that this is probably the best part of this whole filter. Installed with salt-free technology, it defeats limescale and at the same time, renders the hard water bullet highly effective when it comes to softening. Although this is a key selling point, the hard water bullet does perform a bunch of other valuable functions beyond this.

Weatherproof Like a Pro: As the Triple Action Poly Salt-Free Water Softener is made from BPA free housing and hardened metals, the Hard Water Bullet is designed to be completely weatherproof and is able to withstand even the harshest conditions. Because of this, you’re able to have peace of mind when mounting it outside.

Installation: When it comes to the installation of the Hard Water Bullet, it’s vital to make sure that you install it vertically. Whilst in this position, the drain valve points down, meaning that the filter housing drains more efficiently. Not only this, but it can also reduce pressure on the filter housing. However, it is essential that you don’t allow this unit to freeze.

Maintenance: The recommended lifespan on this salt-free water softener is based on average use, so it may vary. You don’t need to worry about much in terms of maintenance as recharge kits come at a very keen price point.

BPA-Free: As the hard water bullet is BPA free, the concerns for soft-water become a thing of the past.

Hard Water Bullet - The Mechanics

The mechanics of this salt-free water softener puts it in a league of its own while at the same time, minimizes the amount of equipment needed to purify your water supply. 

Filtration: To begin, water is efficiently filtered using polyphosphate and a highly effective screen filter. It passes through a 50-micron filter, and like magic, all impurities are removed. At this initial stage, the water is clean but still hard.

Conditioning: The hard water bullet comes with a great electromechanical conditioning core. The purpose of this is to break down calcium in order to create aragonite crystals. As aragonite is known to be much less intense than calcium, you’ll avoid accumulation in your pipes, and won’t experience any corrosion either. When this happens, the water in your system is ready for softening.

Softening: Now is when the polyphosphate crystals come into play. The aragonite crystals are rounded up by the Siliphos crystals that are held in suspension.

No More Ruined Appliances: All of your household appliances, along with all water-related systems will no longer suffer from hard water. This salt-free water softening unit means that everything from your boiler, to your washing machine, and everything in-between, will now have a much longer lifespan, with completely no limescale build-up along the way.

Triple Action Poly Salt-Free Water Softener: The Bottom Line

If you’re on the lookout for a super easy solution to softening your hard water, with the added benefits of scale removal and Siliphos treatment, the Hard Water Bullet isn’t an extremely cheap option, but seriously separates itself from its competitors.

In addition to everything mentioned above, this salt-free water softener also comes with a three-month satisfaction guarantee that gives you the option of a full refund if you’re not entirely happy with your purchase. Not only this, but all parts are covered under warranty for a whopping lifetime!

If you’re suffering from hard water in your home, it’s now more important than ever to invest in a water softener in order to make sure that no appliances get affected, along with your wallet.

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