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The Ultimate Guide to Hellenbrand Water Softeners

The Ultimate Guide to Hellenbrand Water Softeners

Are you irritated because taking showers in your home dries your skin, or your clothes still feel dirty after a washing machine cycle? People experience these common issues when living in a house with hard water. Hard water is high in mineral content — with calcium and magnesium causing most hard water issues. 

When you install a water softener in your home, you will no longer have to endure the issues stemming from those pesky minerals in your water. Hellenbrand is a well-known water softener company with a wide variety of water softeners for households and commercial spaces. While many water softener companies only serve particular areas, Hellenbrand serves nearly the entire country (excluding California). Here’s what you should know about Hellenbrand water softeners before purchasing: 

Which Hellenbrand Water Softener Is Best for My Household? 

If you’re not a water softener expert, you may feel a bit confused when looking at Hellenbrand’s wide variety of water softeners. You should first figure a few details out: the size of the space that the water softener will be servicing, your location’s remoteness (if any), and whether the location has several water issues. Keep these things in mind as you continue reading! 


Hellenbrand’s Single Tanks

Hellenbrand offers single tanks best suited for smaller industrial spaces and homes with fewer people. The company currently sells the following one-tank water softeners: ProMate EcoMax, ProMate 6.0, ProMate 6.0 DMT, S12 Single Tank, ProMate 6.5 DMT, and ProMate 1 Series. 

The ProMate 6.0 DMT and ProMate 6.5 DMT will efficiently solve multiple water problems in your home — making your water softer, clearer, and cleaner.The ProMate EcoMax is an excellent option if you want the ability to customize the water softener to match your family’s lifestyle. The ProMate EcoMax’s variable reserve will automatically adapt when your home’s water usage changes. This system is more eco-friendly than many of the other options! If you’re a homeowner looking for a water softener in a remote area, you could opt for the s12 Single Tank since it’s battery-powered and reliable if any outages occur. 

Hellenbrand’s Twin Tanks

If you live in a large home with multiple people, you may want to opt for twin tanks that will consistently supply soft water to everyone. The company currently sells the following twin tank water softeners: ProMate 7.0, E6 Twin Tank, S12 Twin Tank, ProMate EcoMax Duo, and ProMate 7.1 DMT. The ProMate EcoMax Duo or ProMate 7.0 is recommended if your household uses a lot of water and needs a hyper-efficient water softener. The S12 Twin Tank is perfect for larger homes in remote locations. 


What Is the Hellenbrand ProMate EcoMax Technology? 

Hellenbrand’s most popular products are the ones featuring their ProMate EcoMax technology. Why? The ProMate EcoMax models are Hellenbrand’s luxury products because they feature the newest technology. These water softeners use 50% less salt and water compared to others. Not only does purchasing one of these innovative systems save you a little money every month, but the 15-20 gallons saved per regeneration cycle helps the environment! 


What Are the Benefits of Using a Hellenbrand Water Softener? 

Most water softener companies use salt in their systems, but Hellenbrand uses minimal salt. Your home’s pipes and the environment benefit when water softeners use little to no salt! 


No matter which Hellenbrand water softener you choose — your dishes will be cleaner, your laundry will feel fresher, your skin and hair will feel better moisturized, and your home’s water will be much more enjoyable overall. 


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