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Puragain Water Review

Puragain Water Review

Do you know what specifics to look for when comparing different water filtration systems in California? The product’s price is one of the most important factors when searching for the right water filter for your home. If you’re shopping around for a water purification system in California, you may have noticed that many companies require upfront payment or financing. Puragain Water does things a little differently with a monthly fee — but will these differences be negative or positive on your pursuit for clearer, cleaner water in your home? 

Puragain Water’s Different Water Filtration System Offerings

Puragain Water offers four different types of home water filtration systems to Southern California, Las Vegas, and Phoenix residents. If you’re looking for a whole-house water filtration system that could be easily installed anywhere in the country, you could reach out to Filter Smart for more options. 

Let’s dive into Puragain Water’s four different types of water filtration systems, so you can make the best choice for your family’s water needs: 


  • Reverse osmosis:this type of water filter has five different stages that the water must pass through to become fresh and clear. The water must first go through a sediment prefilter to remove any residue, then through an activated carbon filter to remove undesirable smells and tastes, through another activated carbon filter to really ensure the water is clear, and then it goes through the reverse osmosis membrane filter. The reverse osmosis membrane filter is perhaps the most crucial step of the five stages — it removes harmful pollutants like copper and lead. Lastly, the water moves through a post-filter that ensures the water is crystal clear. 


  • 6-stage alkaline system:this type of water filtration system goes through six phases to turn your water into alkaline water. 


  • Whole house system: this water filtration system comes with a 6-stage alkaline system and prevents scale through Nucleation Assisted Crystallization. 


  • Water softeners:this type of water system will make your home’s hard water softer by removing its minerals. Unfortunately, this won’t do a thorough job of removing contaminants from the water. 


How Does the Monthly Pricing Work? 

Instead of paying for the water system upfront, Puragain Water offers a different pricing model. They have a monthly pricing model for their 5 Stage Reverse Osmosis System, 6 Stage Alkaline Drinking Water System, and Alkaline System that comes with their Whole House Water Conditioner. 

Every tier includes zero money down, free installation, a seven-year warranty, and lifetime serving. So, what does their lifetime servicing include?It includes free water testing every year, free unlimited service calls for any issues, and a visit from a service technician to perform annual maintenance to avoid any potential problems with the machine. 

Are Puragain Water Systems Worth It? 

When you opt for a Puragain Water System, you get much more than a home water filtration system. You get a family-owned and operated business that has been successful for over thirty years — with essentially all five-star reviews! 

One customer wrote, “Spencer showed up today and provided the most awesome service. He went over what he would be doing, showed us the reading after testing the water, and gave us some options on what to do next. He asked if we had experienced any changes/issues with the water treatment; fortunately, we have not. We ended up changing out all filters and received the date for our next maintenance. Spencer disposed of the trash in our cans and didn't leave a mess. I am so pleased with his service and so glad we decided to go with Puragain Water!” 

If you’re living within their specific service areas, want to pay monthly for their systems, and appreciate the ongoing service and maintenance — you may find that Puragain Water is worth the price. 

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