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King Whole House Water Filter Review

King Whole House Water Filter is a good option if you are looking to install a reliable whole house filtration system for your home. A 2017 survey revealed that around 64 million people in the US consume unsafe drinking water. The water supplied to our homes flows through various landscapes before it finally reaches us. This suggests that it collects various minerals and contaminants on the way.

The contaminants from underground pollution and factories add to the hardness of water, making it non-suitable for drinking. Not only is contaminated and hard water unsafe to drink, but it also has many other adverse effects on our quality of life.

This is a major reason homeowners install whole house filters to eliminate harmful minerals from your water and reduce its hardness, making it safe to drink.

Water Problems

Whole house filters are now a crucial appliance in many homes across the US due to the unique water problems each household faces.


Naturally, water contains various harmful and damaging biological, chemical, and environmental substances. Chances are that your main water supply contains disease-causing pathogens that can negatively affect your family’s health.

Some of the most common and dangerous biological contaminants are norovirus, E. coli, and Giardia. Other types of chemical contaminants include lead, arsenic, nitrates, and trichloroethylene, which can cause serious conditions such as tumors and cancer.

Hard Water

Even if your water is free of most foreign contaminants, you may need a filtration system like the King whole house water filter. It’s likely that your water supply still contains calcium deposits, which increase its hardness.

Hard water can negatively affect your home’s water pressure as well as its overall quality. For instance, limescale can build up and deposit on shower surfaces, ruining the quality of showerheads. Other issues include dull clothes and deposits on household utensils and hardware. You may also notice scale buildup in pipes and on fixtures in your house.

What is a Whole House Water Filtration System

Homeowners can eliminate water problems by installing whole house water filters in their house and connecting them to the main water line. Whole house water filtration systems are also called Point of Entry (POE) systems as you install them near the point where your municipal water supply enters the house.

The system filters your water before it enters reaches the storage unit so that all water running through your water lines is free of any contaminants. It can get rid of heavy metals, sediments, biological and chemical contaminants, and harmful minerals. It ensures that you receive clean and soft water from every faucet in your house.

There are many different whole house water filters available across the US, such as the FS1000Pro whole house water system by Filter Smart. Filter Smart manufactures water filtration systems and salt-free water softening systems that are hard to beat in terms of reliability and convenience.

However, we will review the King whole house water filtration system today. So, let’s get started:

King Whole House Water Filter

The King whole house water filter is an efficient tool to remove contaminants from your water. You can install this water filter at the main water supply of your house to eliminate sand, silt, and other harmful substances from the water before they reach the taps in your kitchen and bathroom sinks and other outlets.

The water directly enters the King whole house water filter, where it passes through a filtering cartridge that cleans and purifies it. The filtered water is then supplied to every faucet in the house. Do you want to know more about the King whole house water filtration system? Here are a few key features of the awesome tool.

  • Easy installation
  • It can easily be used with other systems
  • Reduces water hardness
  • Removes contaminants from your water supply
  • Supplies clean water to the entire house
  • NSF-certified for effectively removing dirt, rust, and scale from water
  • Prevents scale buildup in plumbing systems
  • Needs replacement of filtering medium every 3 to 6 months

The Benefits of King Whole House Filtration System

Whether you use city or well water, you’re sure to find some contaminants and minerals in your tap water. Many homeowners in the US complain that their water supply is unsafe and unhealthy. This is because our supply of water contains various man-made contaminants as well as some from natural surroundings.

For instance, it may contain industrial pollution or unwanted substances from acid rain or storm run-offs. The standard King whole house water filter can effectively eliminate salts, sediments, and other contaminants from water, making it safe to drink.

Furthermore, the filtered and softened water also prevents scale buildup and deposits, increasing the longevity of hardware, appliances, and clothes. Here are a few ways you can benefit from the King whole house water filter.

1.      Safe Drinking Water

The King whole house water filter can make a significant difference to the quality of drinking water, making it safer. City water utilities use chlorine and chloramines to disinfect the water, but this can cause dizziness, headaches, and eye irritation in many people.

This is because chlorine produces dangerous substances upon heating. On the other hand, tap water contains several parasites and other microorganisms that can cause serious digestive and intestinal issues.

2.      Better Taste Quality

Another of the many advantages of a King whole house water filter is better to taste quality of water. Chlorine and chloramines contribute to an unpleasant odor and taste in your water supply. Not to mention, other contaminants and harsh chemicals also cause your water to taste differently.

Fortunately, filtering it through the King whole house water filter will give you clear, colorless water. Not to mention, you are likely to drink more water when it tastes good, which is good for your health.

3.      Longer Lasting Plumbing

The King whole house water filter can also extend the life span of the plumbing system as well as other water-using appliances in your house. This includes water tanks, washing machines, dishwashers, etc. It can cause scale buildup and deposits, causing damage and affecting durability.

Settling harmful contaminants can damage your appliances over time. Water filtration systems ensure that your water is free of any contaminants and sediments that build up in plumbing lines and appliances as water passes through them.

4.      Budget-Friendly

It is easy and inexpensive to install the King whole house water filter compared to other water filtration solutions in the market. On the other hand, installing a whole house water filtration system is also a good investment as it saves you tons of money otherwise spent on bottled water.

On average, families in the US drink about two to three bottles of water a day. This can cost as much as $500 in a year. Additionally, water is also needed for bathing and other household chores such as cleaning and washing. The King whole house water filter improves water quality for the entire household supply of water.


Like other whole house filtration systems, the King whole house water filter removes harmful minerals and contaminants from household water. Installing this system provides numerous benefits, such as reducing the hardness of water and making it safe for drinking and cleaning.

There are also many other whole house filtration systems with more features and better functionality. You can also check out the FS1000Pro whole house water system by Filter Smart.

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