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How to get spring like water with a water filter

Thebenefits of a spring water filter includetaste improvement andremoval of harmful substances including lead and bacteria from the drinking water. Furthermore,you canalso get rid ofrust particles and other microorganisms.Even though bottled water is easily accessibleand is a quicksolution for your water needs, it isn’t necessarily moresustainable.In the long run,water filters areaneconomical solution.

A massivenumber of brandsare available in the marketoffering numerousproducts. Choosing between

these options can be challenging.However, you cannot compromiseyour family’s healthby choosinganinefficientfilter system.Therefore,this article will help you understandthe benefits of installing a spring water filter system with yourfaucets.

What is Spring Water Filter

When you live in a small community or a village, you only have access to spring water for drinking purposes.Natural spring water isa healthy option, butthe water you receive now may be contaminated. Therefore,people choosethe option that suits their pocket andmeets the safety standards.In this article, you will understand whatthe two most effective spring water filters are and how they work to provide you withsafe and clear water.

What is Reverse Osmosis

You can usereverse osmosisto filter spring water or feed water.A reverse osmosis water purification systemincludes a semi-permeable membrane thatseparates thecontaminated water fromwater with fewerparticles. Due to thepressure, the waterflows to theless concentrated sidewith fewer contaminants while crossing theROmembrane.This way, youget access toclean andpure drinking water.Experts refer to the spring water extracted from reverse osmosisas permeate and theconcentrated water as brine or waste.

The main purpose of the semi-permeable membrane is toblock contaminants.Itincludes small pores thatblock theparticles and let waterflow throughthem.During osmosis,the concentration of water increases as it flows throughthe membrane. This maintains the equilibrium between the two sides.On the other side, theprocess is completely oppositeduring reverse osmosis. In this process,the membrane does not allowcontaminants to pass throughitssmallholes.

How Reverse Osmosis Works?

The reverse osmosis systemseparates the chlorine and sediment from thewater.This process works with a pre-filter as it forces thewater through the RO membrane removing all the solid particles.Once the membrane flows through,a post-filter will polish thedrinking water even further,offering you safe and healthy drinking water.

After passing through the post filter,thewater enters your faucet.There are different types ofreverse osmosissystems dependingon the number ofpre-filters and post-filters.For instance, afour-stage reverse osmosis system by Filter Smart offers ultra-purified water through its four filtration phases.

What is a Whole-House Filtration System

A whole-house or point-of-entry filtration system includes differentfunctionality and featuresfocusing toremove the contaminantsfromentering yourwater connection.The reason to refertothis system as point-of-entry isthat you install it to themainwater line.Thissystem ensures that every drop of waterentering inside your houseis pure andclean.

Howthe Whole House Water Filter System Works?

A whole house water filteris a multi-stage system.It includes differentstages offiltration and every stageensures that you receivecontaminant-free water.

Sediment Pre-Filtration

In the first phase of the filtration system, the water flows througha pre-filter. This filter is5-micron sediment thatblocks the larger contaminantssuch as silt, sediment, dirt, clay,rust, sand, and debris.Another benefit of this filtration stage is thatit increases the lifespan of thesystem.As a result, you do not have to replacethe media every month. Instead, youwill find the need to change itafter 1,000,000 gallons of water.

Mineral Filtration

Afterthesedimentfilter,the waterpassesthroughthe second phase of the filtration process.This mineral filtration mediaeliminates theremaining heavy metals, chlorine, and bacteria from the water.Furthermore, it alsoeradicatesminerals such as copper and zinc.For instance,theWhole House Water Filter comboby FilterSmart destroys the dangerous contaminants and pathogens.

Activated Carbon Filtration

Now thewater enters thecarbon-activated media and the KDF media. Thefiltermedia includes wide porous surfacelining in with deep ridges.When the system activates, the filters generate tiny porous openingson the surface of the carbon. Thesepores are of different sizes.The water comingfromthemineral filtration process entersthese cavities.

The activatedcarbon workslike a sponge andabsorbstheremainingcontaminantsfrom the water.This process depends on the hydrophobicity of the water molecules. The hydrophobicsubstances combine withthecarbon surface bindingtheorganic contaminants, while the non-polar carbon surfaceholds theorganiccontaminants present in the drinking water.


Both tap waterfiltration systems are budget and environmentally friendly options.You will find these options convenient,healthy, and beneficial. If you are looking for an optimalspringwater filter system,you canopt for any one of the above options.

This article also includes two certified and testedproductsby Filter Smart that ensure that you and your familyhave access to filtered and clean drinking water with better taste.You canimmediately upgrade your water system by choosing a result-proven, salt-free, eco-friendly, and healthywater purification systemby contacting Filter Smart.

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