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Halo Whole House Water Filter Review

The water supply in most cities across the US is likely to contain contaminants and have high water hardness. These dangerous contaminants can be harmful to your health, while high water hardness levels can have many adverse effects on your quality of life. This is the reason many homeowners have started to install whole house water filtration systems. If you are looking for one, the Halo whole house water filter is a good option to choose.

Whether you use well water or your supply comes from local lakes or rivers, it’s likely to collect many contaminants on its way to your home. These contaminants range from man-made components such as industrial waste as well as naturally occurring minerals that are harmful to health.

For instance, surface water in lakes and rivers is exposed to storm run-offs, acid rain, pesticide run-offs as well as industrial pollution. On the other hand, groundwater sources like public water supplies and private wells may contain contaminants from hazardous household products, disease-causing pathogens, agricultural chemicals, as well as leachate from landfills and septic systems. Not to forget, water utilities also use chlorine and chloramines to remove toxins from the water before they supply to houses.

Why Should You Use a Halo Whole House Water Filter?

A whole house water filtration system or Point of Entry (POE) system installed near the main water line treats the water that enters your house’s supply. It filters out all the unwanted substances from your water so you can access clean and purified water every time. While it mainly depends on your home’s water source, different water filters can solve unique water problems, whether it's sediments in your water or bad smelling and tasting water. Not to mention, clean drinking water also has numerous benefits for your overall health.

A filtration system like Halo whole house water filter is the solution, regardless of the water quality you receive at home. You can also choose from other options like the FS1000Pro whole house water system by Filter Smart and others.

Designed to remove impurities and harmful minerals from your water, whole house filtration systems are installed at the mainline of your water supply for a reason. Water from your water source directly enters the filter before it reaches any water outlet in your house.

Here, the filtration system uses different kinds of filter cartridges that filter your water and remove any sediment, heavy metals, pathogens, tastes, and odors. The filtered water then flows through the plumbing lines to your showers and kitchen and bathroom sinks.

These filtration systems, such as the Halo whole house water filter, remove, trap, kill, reject, block or absorb various contaminants from your household water. For example, an ultraviolet whole house water filter may kill the bacteria in your water by destroying its DNA with its UV rays.

Meanwhile, a filter using a sediment filter cartridge will trap sediments such as dirt and sand from passing through the filter media. Not to forget, multi-stage filtrations systems have multiple filtration stages to provide you with clean and high-quality water.

Halo Whole House Water Filters

If you are looking for a good whole house water filtration system, here are some variants of halo whole house water filters to choose from.

Halo 5

Halo 5 is a halo whole house water filter that removes harmful minerals from your water supply so that you receive clean water from every water outlet in the house. It uses premium grade acid-washed granular activated carbon (GAC) for the removal of fuels, dyes, gases, chlorine, chloramines, pesticides, disinfectants, and manufactured pollutants. GAC also effectively removes unpleasant tastes and odors.

It also uses high activity carbon (HAC) to filter water with high pH levels. Not only this, its environmentally safe media, called Filter-AG Plus, has a large micro-porous structure and surface area. This suggests that it can efficiently reduce surface are matter for successful removal of turbidity.

This halo whole house water filter also uses a high-density garnet filter media with a filtering capacity that can handle contaminants between 10 and 20 microns. What’s more? The filtration system also comes with a built-in Halo Ion Inline Water Conditioner to change the molecular structure of magnesium and calcium ions. As a result, limescale is suspended in water and does not cause any damage to appliances and pipes.

Halo Mini 3

Halo Mini 3 is another variant of the halo whole house water filter. And while it can effectively purify your household water, it has different features than the Halo 5. Halo Mini 3 is a 3-stage filtration system that filters and conditions your water for maximum benefits of clean and filtered water.

Your Halo Mini 3 will filter your water supply in 3 different stages. At stage 1, it captures all sediments that may be present in the water. These include rust flecks, silt, sand, dirt, etc. The stage one sediment filter cartridge can trap sediments down to the 5 micron range.

This halo whole house water filter uses a premium UltraFlow carbon cartridge that improves the taste and smell quality of your water. You are sure to drink loads of water throughout the day when it tastes so good and fresh.

Then, your water reaches the third and last stage of the Halo Mini 3 whole house water filtrations system. At this point, the water experiences conditioning for better quality water that does not form limescale build-up in pipes and appliances.


The Solo variant of Halo whole house water filter comes in 4 different sizes to suit the size of your house. Not to forget, all four of these Solo models have a warranty of 10 years, making it a good water filter investment.

Just like the Halo 5, Solo also uses high activity carbon for the filtration of chlorine that water utilities use to disinfect and treat water supply for toxins. This results in fresh and clean water that is free of unpleasant odors and tastes. It can also be helpful to treat high pH levels in the water.

Next, the built-in Halo ion Inline conditioner of the Halo whole house water filter conditions the water. This is to eliminate scale buildup and deposits in water-using appliances and pipes, and hardware. The conditioner suspends calcium and magnesium ions by its multi-reversing polarity magnetic fields.


There are numerous whole house water filtration systems available in the market, like the S1000Pro whole house water system by Filter Smart as well as the above-mentioned models of Halo whole house water filter. These filters work to remove harmful minerals and contaminants from household water for maximum health and household benefits.

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