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HALO Water Filtration System Review

HALO Water Filtration System Review

Choosing the right water filtration system for your home is important — effective ones will remove damaging pollutants from your family’s water.You may have seen the HALO water filtration system as a viable option, but what’s it really like?Here’s HALO Water Systems reviewed by a team of water filtration experts: 


What is a HALO System? 

HALO systems are a popular type of water filtration system — offering a variety of integrated whole house water filtration systems that also include a conditioning system, acid neutralizer, iron removers, a reverse osmosis system, and more. The top-selling HALO system would likely be their HALO 5 Reverse Osmosis System. The company aims to be a convenient place to shop for all your water filtering needs. 

How Does the HALO Water System Work? 

HALO water filtration systems use a five-step process — making it one of the best options for a system that will satisfy your family’s water filtration, purification, and conditioning needs. The system uses a Centaur® High Activity Carbon (HAC) to lessen any chlorine in the water; it will soften your home’s water to make the water fresh and clean. Not only will you notice the difference in how your home’s water tastes, but you’ll notice that your shower water feels cleaner as well. 

The HALO 5 automatically regenerates every seven days. It’s a convenient and easy-to-use water filtration system. The company claims that the system has a life of one million gallons of filtered water — approximately ten years for the average family of four. 

How Long Does HALO Water System Last?

If you’re considering purchasing a HALO 5 Reverse Osmosis System, you may have been slightly shocked by the price tag. It’s crucial to do your due diligence to ensure you’ll get your money’s worth — especially with their claim that the HALO 5 will last forten years while remaining maintenance-free. 

Jeffrey Price, board-certified construction attorney, says, “As a construction attorney, I cannot recommend it. Any product that says ‘MAINTENANCE FREE’ scares me. Here we have a unit that, by their statements, says the unit ‘will last about 10 years.’ I have never seen a self-contained filtering unit that could do that. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof. The drinking water test they cite (NSF/ANSI61) is the weakest test available. Every product that is sold, from Brita on up must pass this test. It is not a certification as to the quality of the water. It simply ensures that no contaminants are introduced. I have found nothing that demonstrates to me that this is worth the money.”

So, will it actually require maintenance?While HALO claims that no maintenance will be necessary for their products, there is a limited lifetime warranty that may make you feel more comfortable when purchasing. 

Is The Halo Water System Worth It? 

While some people believe this water filtration system is not worth the cost, many customers feel satisfied with their purchase. One customer wrote, “We installed the Halo 6 months ago, best decision a new homeowner could make. The best water we have ever tasted. Zero chlorine smell or taste; ‘water hardness’ while showering has been eliminated (in our opinion). Agree, the upfront cost is a beast, but the investment in quality water is well worth it.” 


Ultimately, only you can select which system best fits your family’s needs. If you want a single installation filtration system that should be reasonably long-lasting without any maintenance required, then a HALO Water System may be the right choice for you. 



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