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Fall Home Improvement Projects

Home improvement projects conducted in high humidity and sweltering heat require extra effort and time. Therefore, many homeowners put a hold onhome renovations until they feel a gentle breeze and notice autumn leaves falling. As temperatures drop, tackling those pending renovations becomes easier. Furthermore, you can give more thought to your projects without worrying about heat exhaustion. But you’re probably wonderingwhere to start. To make your renovation projecteasier, we are sharing some best fall home improvement projects.

1.     Insulating the Attic

During summers, working in the attic can be overwhelming. Wait for the temperature to dropa little bit so you can handle the renovation projects under less strenuous conditions. Installing new roof insulation on the roof will cut down electric expenses and protect your home from UV rays. Also, replacement installationin the fall is easier as you can easily identify the spots and feel the draft in the spaces.

2.     Painting the Exterior

Retouching the paint along with the trim and siding or completely painting the walls is definitely afall renovation project. Paint requires a higher temperature to dry effectively, buthigh temperatures can cause numerous problems as well. Protect your home from snow during the winter by applying a fresh coat of sealer. Parts of your home, such as paneling and yourroof, should be coated during thefall.

1.     Cleaning the Gutters

Moisture can cause damage to the walls and foundation of the home. Dirt accumulated gutters are acommon reason for water damage. Dirt and leaves block the gutters, especially when you have a round-guttering system. Cleaning your gutters before winter is highly recommended as gutters hold the ice, which results in significant damage. Cleaning your gutter in time enables water to flow freely and drain away from the house.

2.     Organizing the Garage

Many homeowners keep unused items in the garage, turningthem intoa storage room. As a result, your garage looks messy. Fall is the perfect time to clean the garage and remove outdoor items such as mowers, bicycles, and beach gear. It is time to roll up your sleeves and invest in decent organizing systems including cabinets, and shelves. Clear the garage space so you can keep your vehicle indoors during winter.

3.      Ceiling Fans for Summer (and Winter) Savings

Ceiling fans are helpful in both winter and summer. During summers, ceiling fans circulate a cool breeze in the room that reduces the pressure on the air conditioning system. During colder months, ceiling fanskeeprooms warm by spreading hot air. Installing a ceiling fan is a DIY project, but only if you have at least some knowledge about electric fixtures.

4.     Filtering Your Water

If you are planning to install a new water filtering system in your house, fall is the right season to do so. But, you must choose the right filtering system depending on the water quality in your home. Test your home’s water supply to see what toxins are in it. You can get the water report from the local municipality. Once you consider your home’s water quality, analyze youroptions and choose a filtration system that guarantees pure and filtered water.

What Types of Water Filters Exist?

Themarket has a variety of technology available,with different features and capabilities. Your choice depends on the toxins that you need to remove from the water. That is why it is important to know the levelsof minerals and other components in the water. Here are some options that you should consider:

1.      Water Softener

A water softener reduces magnesium and calcium from the water using ion-exchange technology. A water softener is a whole-house water filtration installed in the home’s main water system.

2.      Mechanical Filters

Mechanical filters are similar to reverse osmosis filters and remove sediments and cysts from the water. Also, it removes toxic chemicals from the water, effectively softeninghard water.

3.      Carbon Filters

Install carbon filters if you want to eliminate chlorine, benzene, radon, and volatile organic chemicals. This filtration system includes a bed of activated carbon that absorbs impurities. You can also integrate these filters with reverse osmosis and other filtration systems.

How Reverse Osmosis Filters Work?

The only filtration system certified by National Sanitation Foundation is the reverse osmosis system. It eliminates various harmful substances from tap water, such as lead, nitrate, and copper. This filtration system is popular in the United States due to its ability to block toxins. Because this water filtration system removes lead, nitrate, and copper from the water, it reduces the risks of cavities and tooth decay. Hence, installing areverse osmosis system in your home improves your health, especially in children and women.

How Whole-Home Filters Work?

These water filtration systems can be highly beneficial forhouseholds. Installing it means purifying all the waterin your home’s supply. So, you get filtered and pure water from every faucet in the home, including bathrooms and machines such as dishwashers. If you receive hard water that contains a high mineral content, install this system and stay healthy. For the installation process, you need to hire a professional. Depending on the source of water you receive, you need to install the system either near the water storage tank or the water meter.

A whole-home water purification system eliminates chemicals from the water using mechanical straining for carbon, sediment, and UV microbiological technology. While choosing this option, carefully evaluate the water you receive. A water toxin report can help you with that. The filter size and flow rate depend on your consumption and water quality, so choose wisely.


Besides the above-mentioned home improvement projects, you can inspect your home for other damages. But, these are some major and essential renovation tasks. For instance, when it comes to accessing pure water, you cannot compromise. The water reaches your home after flowing through numerous rocks and pipelines. While flowing near different objects, it collects chemicals and other toxins from those surfaces. Fortunately, there are numerous ways to purify the water that enters your home. If you already have a plan to install a water filtration system this fall season, start byidentifying the impurities in your home’swater supplyand choose the best water filter system.

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