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Does My Home Need an Inline Water Softener?

Does My Home Need an Inline Water Softener?

If you live in a home with hard water like many of the houses in the United States, you know how uncomfortable living with it can be. Your skin feels dry, your dishes are spotty, and your clothes never come out completely clean after a wash. Your clothes may even feel itchy because of the small mineral deposits left behind by your home’s water. Here’s why you should consider installing an inline water softener in your home: 


What Is an Inline Water Softener? 

Inline water filters and softeners are systems installed in your home’s pipes (hence the name inline). These are placed at a specific point to serve a particular faucet. Since the system is placed into your home’s pipelines, the water naturally flows through the inline systems before heading to the faucet, dishwasher, or washing machine. Here’s how an inline water filter and softener works:


  • The system is installed in the pipeline
  • The water passes through ceramic candles incorporated with the housing
  • And then, the freshwater reaches the tap! 


Have you ever been to a friend or family member’s house and noticed that tap water tastes better? They likely installed an inline water filter and hid it somewhere underneath the counter. These systems are easily hidden — many people put them under the sink, behind cupboards, or somewhere else hidden from plain sight. 


Why Is Soft Water Better? 

Will installing an incline water softener make a noticeable difference in your daily life? If you have hard water in your home, you will be happily surprised by the huge difference in your home’s water quality. Soft water will feel better on your skin and hair, taste better, and clean laundry and dishes more effectively.  

Amanda from Love & Renovations says, “A water softener will change your life. The water in our neighborhood is pretty hard, so we decided to dive in and get a water softening system for our entire house. There are no words for how glad I am that we did it. After we had lived with our soft water for a while, I took a shower at my parents’ house one day and was shocked at how gross my skin and hair felt after getting out of the shower. I was so spoiled by my soft water that I didn’t even feel clean after a shower with the water at my parents’ house!” 


What Are the Benefits of an Inline Water Softener? 

There are many benefits to installing an inline water softener in your home. Besides the obvious fact that your home’s water will be much more enjoyable, there are some specific benefits to this particular water softener.

Since inline water softeners are placed at a specific point in the pipe to service a particular area of your home, the systems are naturally more affordable. They’re also incredibly efficient at softening water right at the source.You’ll also appreciate that these water softeners are durable — meaning you’ll have soft water for a long time. Lastly, you won’t have difficulty with any maintenance that may suddenly come up (inline water softeners are incredibly easy to maintain, and the fixes are generally quick). 


Where Can I Get an Inline Water Softener?

If you’re still on the fence about an inline water softener installation in your home, you should get your house’s water tested to learn exactly what’s in your water.You shouldn’t continue dealing with hard water — please don’t hesitate to reach out to the Filter Smart team to figure out which inline water softener system is best for your home. 

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