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Do I Need a Water Softener Living in Tucson, Arizona

If you’re an Arizona resident, you’re probably well aware of the severe drought that has been affecting the region for decades. While most of the state struggles to cope with the negative effects of the drought, the city of Tucson has a different story to tell. 

NPR reports Tucson has over five years of excess Colorado River water stored in a “secret” reservoir. The city’s water managers aren’t worried about the statewide drastic cuts in water — maybe they should be worried about something else. 

Tucson may be in a good place when it comes to water availability, but the water being used by residents is known for being hard. How exactly is hard water impacting Tucson’s residents? Here’s a look at how hard water is affecting your Tucson home if you’re living without a whole-home water softener: 

Is Hard Water Really That Bad? 

We’ll start by saying that most governments, including the city of Tucson, found that hard water is completely safe to use and drink.

Here’s the thing: Tucson residents shouldn’t consider using a water softener in their homes because hard water is unsafe. If there are any questions about whether your home’s water is safe to drink, you should consider getting a whole-house water filtration system or a water filter and softener combo. 

You might not consider hard water to be “that bad” because it’s safe to drink, but it can cause other problems worth addressing. 

Hard water dries out skin and hair — leaving you feeling like you can never get your skin completely moisturized. Some people with this specific complaint might opt for a shower filtration system, but that won’t solve the other issues. 

If you own a home in Tucson, your home’s plumbing could be getting damaged by the city’s hard water. How?Calcium carbonate deposits can form scales in your pipes when heated. These solid deposits, or calcium buildups, reduce the efficiency of your plumbing system and will clog it if not addressed. If you’re not actively using a whole-home water softener and haven’t addressed calcium buildup in your home’s pipes, you should make that a top priority. 

The negative consequences of hard water don’t stop there.Hard water can also increase soap residue on your appliances (causing additional wear and tear), clog shower heads, leave spots and streaks on your dishes, and damage your clothes over time. 

How Hard is Tucson’s Water? 

Water hardness is measured in grains per gallon of water (gpg). Here’s a water hardness scale to get a clearer picture of Tucson’s water hardness levels: 

  • Anything less than 1 grain per gallon is considered soft 
  • Slightly hard: 1 - 3.5 grains per gallon
  • Moderately hard: 3.5 - 7 grains per gallon
  • Hard: 7 - 10 grains per gallon
  • Very hard: anything over 10 grains per gallon


Tucson’s water is considered “very hard” at 12 grains per gallon. The city’s website explains the reasoning for the high number: “In Tucson, our groundwater is naturally hard.The increased hardness levels come primarily from mixing our area’s hard groundwater with Central Arizona Project (CAP) water. As the percentage of CAP water increases, the hardness level will increase.” 

Tucson encourages its residents to manage hard water for the following reasons: 

  • Extends your home’s pipe life 
  • Reduces wear and tear on appliances 
  • Makes for more efficient appliances 
  • You’ll save money on utility bills
  • Better tasting water
  • Color-bright laundry 

This brings us back to the original purpose of this article — should Tucson residents get a water softener?Absolutely! Installing a whole-home water softener is the most effective and efficient way to address hard water. 

Water Softeners for Tucson, Arizona Residents

If you’re a homeowner in a place with “really hard” water, you should do your due diligence by investing in a water softener. You might be spending a little more money upfront, but you’ll appreciate your decision when you hear a neighbor talk about how they paid a plumber thousands of dollarsto fix an issue caused by hard water. 

Adding a water softener to your home guarantees that your home has high-quality water that won’t damage your plumbing or appliances. It’ll also make your water use much morepleasant! You’ll no longer need to stand underneath a shower head that’s barely drizzling water, and you won’t need to endlessly put on lotion trying to make up for how much hard water dried your skin. 

Plus, who wants to taste minerals in their water?That’s reason enough to purchase a water softener for your Tucson home. 

Filter Smart’s salt-free water softeners are environmentally friendly, don’t require electricity, and have up to 99% scale reduction. The reusable tank is guaranteed for life, and maintenance is simple, making it easier than ever to enjoy soft water in your Tucson, Arizona home. 

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