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Do I Need A Water Softener Living In San Antonio Texas?

Do I Need A Water Softener Living In San Antonio Texas?

You may acquire a water softener living in San Antonio, Texas. A water softener is a system that includes filters to help get rid of hard water. Hard water is water that comes from contaminated sources and goes into your home water supply. Unfortunately, hard water is pretty common in San Antonio, Texas which is why you may need a water softener. There is a constant debate on whether water softeners are safe to use.

While it doesn’t directly affect your health, similarly to hard water, they do come with a few side effects. If you want to learn more about water softeners for your home in San, Antonio Texas then read further below.

Hard Water in San Antonio, Texas

Unfortunately, San Antonio has hard water, as the supply of this is widespread in the entire region. If you don’t know what hard water is, it is water that contains high amounts of minerals such as magnesium and calcium. These negatively interfere with the appliances in your house and cleaning and washing activities.

The ions present in hard water leave limescale on your house appliances and may affect many other house systems. These include your heaters, washers, and much more. According to the water quality reports of San Antonio, the water hardness levels are very high. The water coming into most houses has 15 grains per gallon to 20 grains per gallon.

If you’re living in San Antonio, for sure you suffer from a hard water supply, but what can you do about this? Well, one of the best solutions for this is installing a water softeners system in your home. There is still a big debate on whether it is good to install a water softener system or not. Well, you will find that out further below.

What is a Water Softener?

A water softener is a proper filtration system installed in your house by professionals. The system helps get rid of all the minerals that make water hard such as calcium and magnesium. Using the ion exchange process, water softeners are able to get rid of hard water. But why get rid of hard water?

Well, because of hard water you will notice a lot of scale build-up on your house appliances. These appliances can include pipes, machines, washers, and much more. The water tends to become harder when its temperature is higher. This also leads to more accumulation of magnesium and calcium, which causes the water to become harder.

As soon as the hard water goes through the mineral tank in the water softener system, it goes through a bed of resin beads. Resin is a word used for polystyrene-based plastic beads that have sodium ions. They are negatively charged and the minerals present in hard water have a positive charge. Opposite charges always attract, hence the negative charge of the minerals attracts to the positive charge in the resin beads.

When the hard water flows through the resin beads it garbs a hold of all the harmful minerals. By removing the minerals from the water, the water becomes softer. The sodium ions flush all the hardness from the water. As you can see a water softener system is quite effective in getting rid of hard water. Now you have to find out if you need it.

Signs That You Need a Water Softener

Mentioned below are a few signs you should keep a lookout for that will tell you if you need a water softener:

Limescale Buildup

The more minerals present in hard water, the more buildup you will notice on your home appliances. The home appliances in question include cutlery, washing machines, pipes, and much more. You will notice your appliances rust, reducing their longevity. This means you will be spending more time fixing these appliances or buying new ones.

Unclean Laundry                                    

If you notice weird stains on your laundry even after washing it that means you have hard water. Hard water causes a bad reaction when it comes in contact with detergent, which also reduces the quality of your clothes. You will start to notice a foul smell from your clothes and may have to use extra detergent powder.

Extra Staining

Hard water causes unnecessary staining on clothes, appliances, and other things. The stains tend to be yellow-like and they become very difficult to remove at times. Even if you remove them, they will appear again if they come in contact with hard water. To avoid staining you may acquire a water softener. You can get rid of the stain by applying bleach, but no doubt this requires extra effort and time.

Dry Hair and Skin

If you notice your skin and hair getting drier day by day, then surely you have hard water. The soap you use doesn’t wash away properly when you use hard water. Hence there is a lot of soap residue left on your skin which causes dryness.

Higher Utility Bill

Your utility bill might be higher than expected and this could be because of hard water. When there are issues in the house plumbing system, caused by hard water the utility bills tend to go up. This could put a lot of burdens on a homeowner and is something that should be quickly dealt with.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, with the help of this article, you are able to tell if you need a water softener or not living in San Antonio. If you decide to install a water softener system, check for all the signs of hard water first. You should get your water softener system installed by a professional to avoid any problems. For the best water softener system supplier get in touch with filtersmart now!

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