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Charcoal Water Filter Side Effects

Charcoal water filtersare popular among people for their ability to remove chlorine and other particles such as volatile organic compounds. It may also provide you odorless and tasteful water. But little do you know that these types of water filters can lead to several health problems. 

One of the primary reasons is that water needs to interact with charcoal for a longer time to eliminate all the impurities. In that case, the charcoal water filters that you use don’t allow interaction of water with charcoal longer than few seconds. Another thing is that charcoal itself is hazardous to human health.

If you want to learn more about how it works and its side effects, you need to read the article further. 

How Does a Charcoal Filter Work?

These filters come with a unique form of charcoal, commonly known as activated charcoal, that helps to purify water. Activated charcoal uses the method of adsorption. It is important to note that adsorption is completely different from absorption. When it comes to adsorption, it binds with the contaminants and impurities chemically present on the surface of the charcoal filter. This means it doesn’t use the physical absorbing process of filtration. 

The charcoal water filter also offers you water with minerals and salts. However, it can also cause several problems because of its chemical formula. 

Charcoal Water Filter Side Effects

Charcoal orcarbon water filter can cause severe health problems because of their chemical composition and way to process things. Here are some side effects that you may face while using this filter. 

Interacts With Sorbitol

When activated charcoal interacts with sorbitol, it can lead to different health problems. It includes hypernatremia, electrolyte abnormalities, shock, dehydration, and hypomagnesaemia. Therefore, if you are using medicines that contain sorbitol content, you need to avoid using this filtered water. 

Leads to Eye Problems 

You need to avoid charcoal’s contact with your eyes. If it happens, you need to wash your eyes with clean water. In some severe cases, activated charcoal can lead to conditions like corneal abrasions. So, if you face this problem, you need to visit a doctor as soon as possible. 

Additionally, if you have a charcoal filter, then you need to take some precautionary measures while cleaning and maintaining it. Try to avoid touching the parts of the filter where charcoal is present. Besides, if you have to change the charcoal, it’s best to hire experts for this job. 

Develops Gastrointestinal Conditions

Few people know that using activated charcoal is also one of the primary reasons for gastrointestinal problems. These issues can become severe if they go unnoticed. Plus, this health condition can also cause vomiting and nausea. 

What’s more, drinking water with an overdose of activated charcoal can increase its side effects. It can lead to perforation of the gastrointestinal tract and bowel obstruction. Some other health conditions include chalk-like taste on your tongue, dark-colored stool, and ileus. 

Causes Respiratory Issues

Active charcoal content can also affect the lungs of adults. It can lead toadult respiratory distress syndrome, which can cause life-threatening complications. 

Causes Bacterial Associated Problems

Charcoal water filters can harbor bacteria. Charcoal filters trap some impurities in the water while other bacteria stick to the charcoal surface. If you don’t replace the charcoal filter, it will allow the buildup of bacteria in the filter. Not to mention, as a result, the bacteria will cover the entire surface. So, when water runs through the saturated filter, it will not filter efficiently. This means that some of the bacteria and other impurities will stay in the water, contaminating it. 

Drinking water with bacteria can lead to vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, cramps, fatigue, fever, and even fatal condition. This makes it important to replace the charcoal after every recommended time to avoid these problems. The service cycle greatly depends on the number of gallons you use every month. 

Leads to Health Conditions Related to Heavy Metals

Charcoal filters may help you eliminate organic compounds that make water smelly or taste bad. However, there are drawbacks to using charcoal filters, such as they don’t filter heavy metals, including fluoride and microorganisms that can be present in water in great quantities. 

The US tap water contains several contaminants, and as the charcoal filter has a short life span and the ability to work, these heavy metals remain in the water. These elements can lead to renal injuries, neuronal damage, cardiovascular disorder, and an increase in the risk of diabetes and cancer. 

Causes Constipation and Black Stools

Drinking water that comes in contact with activated charcoal can lead toblack stool and constipation. You also need to know that black stool is an indication that your body is suffering from problems, such as bleeding. 

Bottom Line 

Charcoal water filters may look like high-quality filters, but they cause many side effects. If you are thinking of purchasing water softeners orwater filters, make sure to look for the best ones in the market.

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