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Calgon Water Softener Review

Calgon Water Softener Review

We’ve all been there — spending way too much time going up and down the Walmart or Target aisles, browsing the store for miscellaneous products scattered throughout the huge building. You’ve likely come across a Calgon Water Softener in a store’s laundry aisle near you. Have you ever seen this white bottle with a blue label with a rainbow in the center? You have unknowingly passed it numerous times if you don't remember it. So, does Calgon Water Softener make laundry water softer, resulting in cleaner and brighter clothes? Here’s Calgon Water Softener reviewed by Filter Smart’s water experts: 

What Are Calgon Water Softener’s Benefits? 

This water softener is a simple and quick fix for laundry machines or dishwashers affected by the residues in their home’s hard water. Instead of purchasing a natural salt-free water softener to tackle the problem right at the root by making the water in the home softer from the source, this product is a cost-effective additive placed in the machine before it runs. 

Since this additive removes minerals that can leave residue on clothes and dishes, your clothes and dishes will appear cleaner and brighter. The Water Quality Research Foundation found that mineral build-up in a washing machine can reduce its lifespan by up to three years! Calgon Water Softener costs approximately six dollars and can be used for about sixteen normal-sized laundry loads. This price point is well worth avoiding being forced to purchase a new washing machine or dishwasher for hundreds (or even thousands of dollars). 

Does Calgon Water Softener Work? 

Here’s the thing: Calgon Water Softener won’t fix the hard water in your home. If you want your home’s water to be softer, you should opt for a whole home water softener that will naturally reduce mineral build-up on internal pipes, making your laundry softer and dishes cleaner. 

While this product won’t get to the core of the problem to fix it, Calgon Water Softener is a well-known product that has mostly five-star reviews online. One online user wrote, “My water softener went out about a year ago. I have chosen not to replace it. I use this softener for clothes. It works great. Unless clothes are really dirty, bleach and additives are not needed. A bottle once a month beats a bill for a water softener anytime for me. We purchase drinking water so this is great for our laundry.” The main complaint seems to be that the packaging is made poorly, so some online users have shared stories about the major messes they had to clean up because the bottle leaked. 



You Deserve Softer Water in Your Home

Do you struggle with leftover residue on your clothes and dishes? Does your water taste unpleasant due to the unwanted minerals? You're certainly not alone if you have hard water in your home. Many households with hard water endure the inconveniences and potential health risks associated with hard water consumption. 


You deserve softer water in your home. Calgon Water Softener makes for an effective temporary solution, but investing in a long-lasting water softener in your home is worthwhile. 

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