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Benefits of Filtered Water

Households and office owners both commonly use water filters. This helps purify water so people can get clean and contaminant-free water safe for drinking. 

Besides, water filters are useful in many ways. Well, you need to read the article to understand the benefits of filtered water. Let’s take a look. 

Get Contaminant-Free Water

A water filter system can eliminate volatile organic compounds and sediments. They also provide you water free from a significant amount of chlorine content. While chlorine is the most common cleansing compound used for water filtration, it is not good for health.Research also shows that chlorinated drinking water can cause colorectal cancer in people. 

Moreover, advanced flirtation models can also remove bacteria, toxins, hormones, industrial solvents, pesticides, fluoride, and other types of unpleasant and dangerous contaminants. This is why it’s important to buy the high-quality andbest water filter

Remove Heavy Metals

Heavy metals are also one of the contaminants found in tap water supplies. Arsenic, lead, mercury, and dioxins are some of the few commonly found heavy metals. They are present in low concentrations, and there is no appropriate evidence that shows the extent of the implications when you consume them in water. 

For instance, lead is an extremely dangerous element, and has the ability to cause several health conditions in humans. According to aclinical study, researchers found that the lead element can lead to the development of autism and toxicity. Some researchers also show that lead can cause reproductive problems in both women and men and prostrates conditions in men. 

Reduce Acid Reflux

It is true that you can’t overcome this problem in all types of traditional water filters. However, alkaline water filters have properties to eliminate the conditions known as heartburn or acid reflux. Since alkaline water changes the pH level of drinking water, it can neutralize the acidic quantity present in the water. This way, you may not feel the burning sensations in your esophagus when you drink water. 

Another interestingresearch shows that alkaline water with pH 8.8 can denature pepsin instantly and effectively compared to conventional drinking water. This provides alkaline water a good buffering property, giving it therapeutic benefits for patients with reflux conditions. 

Offer Refreshing Water

Of course, you may avoid drinking water that has bad taste even it has no harmful components. Filtered water offers you clean and fresh water as it removes impurities like bacteria and chlorine. Both of these components make tap water taste chemical or flat. Hence, you will get a more enhanced and refreshing flavor, offering you a higher sense of satisfaction after consuming water. 

You also need to know that tap water smell and taste like chlorine, while distilled water eliminates a great amount of minerals, giving it a bland taste. When it comes to filtering water, it only removes the impurities and leaves other essential minerals that keep it refreshing. 

Have Many Environmental Benefits

You may already know that bottled water leads to pollution, as a single plastic bottle takes 300 years to degrade. It is also important to note that a manufacturer wastes a ton of water to produce a single bottle. 

If you filter the tap water at your business or home, you will opt for an environmentally friendly process. 

Good for Natural Appearance of Hair & Skin

You may not know, but the most underrated method to maintain healthy hair and skin is drinking a great amount of clean water. As the filtered water is free from contaminants and impurities, it remains gentle on your skin and hair. 

Water that comes with the right amount of mineral content keeps your skin hydrated. This type of water cleanses toxins present in your body when you take a bath. The absence of chlorine is another factor that helps your hair and skin to shine. This is because chlorine has the tendency to reduce natural oils on your skin and hair. 

Aid Weight Loss

If you want to get in shape and lose weight, drinking plenty of water is the best way to achieve it. In adults, drinking water can raise resting energy expenditure by24% to 30%. Another thing you may want to know is that consuming water can also help you reduce your appetite. 

Some studies also show if a middle-aged adult drinks 500ml water before every meal for around 12 weeks, they will consume44% lesser calories than others. 

Bottom Line

Apart from the benefits mentioned above, filtered water also provides anti-oxidant properties, improves digestion, and reduces cardio stress. The most important thing is that it gives a refreshing taste to everything that you cook or make using filtered water, such as tea. Hence, opt for the best water filter to live a happy and healthy life.   For the best filtered water you can get a reverse osmosis system for under sink or a water filter for the entire home. 


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