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Autotrol Water Softener Review

Autotrol water softener converts hard water into soft water by eliminating minerals such as magnesium and calcium. By integrating this filtration system into your house, you can access clean and healthy drinking water.

When water flows inside the Autotrol water softener, the mechanism removes harmful minerals, replacing them with sodium through the ionization process. As a result, you get healthy and tasty water in your house. Install this water filtration system in the house to access soft water.  The water system includes a resin tank, a brine tank, and a controller. Here are some Autotrol water softener features:

  • Autotrol 255 body and 760 Logix controller
  • Meter initiatedwater softener
  • Resin Tank Size: 12" X 52" (64,000 Grain), 10" X 54" (50,000 Grain), 9" X 48"(32,000 Grain),8" X 44" (25,000 Grain)
  • Distributor Pilot: 1"
  • Softener resin Capacity: 2.2 cu ft (64,000 Grain), 1.6 cu ft (50,000 Grain), 0.80 cu ft (25,000 and 32,000 Grain)
  • Gravel: 0.4 cu ft (50,000 and 64,000 Grain), 0.3 cu ft (32,000 Grain), 0.2 cu ft(25,000 Grain)
  • Brine (Salt) Tank: Square 14" x 14" x 34” or Round 18" x 30"
  • 3/4" copper connectors

What Is Hardness In Water?

Water contains different minerals such as magnesium and calcium. But, what’s different with hard water is a high concentration of these minerals. The chemical structure of these minerals accumulates other metals and increase water concentration levels. If the water in your house contains crusty residue, you need a water softener toeliminates metals and other minerals.

There are hardened mineral deposits in the hard water that clog and even corrode pipes, causing numerous plumbing issues. Hard water deposits minerals in water heaters and boilers, making them less efficient. In simple words, hard water has negative effects on variousequipment, increasing monthly repair expenses.

How Does Autotrol Works?

Believe it or not, the Autotrol water softener works like a magnet. Just as a magnet contains a positive and a negative end, the water softening process also has both ends. First, let’s understand what happens when you bring the positive sides of two magnet bars close. They repel each other. However, when you bring together different poles, they immediately attract with a snap. TheAutotrol water softener follows the same concept.

Magnesium and calcium both work are positively charged molecules in hard water. When the water passes through this water softener, the filters filled with negatively charged resin beads attract the minerals. This process is called ionization and it takes place due to water regeneration. During regeneration, positively charged salts on the resin beads replace magnesium and calcium ions with sodium ions. Therefore, the water that extracts from the Autotrol water softening system contains sodium rather than magnesium and calcium.

Benefits of Autorol Water Softener

Here are the major benefits of the Autotrol water softening system:

  • Eliminates iron and other hard minerals
  • It doesn’t leave stains on kitchen and bathroom fixtures
  • Reduces water heating cost
  • Include control valve for efficient water flow
  • Simple programming and automated system
  • Increases home equipment life spans such as plumbing fixtures, coffeemakers, dishwasher, and water heater
  • Autotrol water softening system doesn’t use harsh chemicals
  • Wear brighter and cleaner clothes with long-lasting life
  • You can easily install Autotrol softening system in your house
  • Save substantial money from damaged clothes, inefficient use of devices, and broken devices
  • Prevent skin conditions such as rashes. However, using hard water you will develop skin diseases.
  • Have a clear and glowing skin
  • Filters the minerals and harmful components from the water
  • Enables proper cleaning and filtration process

What Does Customer Talk About Autotrol Water Softener?

TheAutotrol water softening system will make your life convenient and your family healthy. Since the water automatically eliminates harmful substances, you don’t have to worry about minerals in the water. People using this product for commercial and residential use deem it to be a valuable investment. Considering the features and benefits of the Autotrol water softening tool, you can reduce the risks of allergies. These devices improve the performance of your washing machines and water heaters. If your neighborhood contains hard water, you can install an Autotrol water softener and eliminate harmful substances.

However, there are a few downsides to installing an Autotrol water softening system. For instance, the device increases sodium concentration, which can be dangerous for people with a low-sodium diet. Also, the annual cost of replacing the beads and refilling the brine tank is higher. Washing your clothes with a high concentration of sodium weakens the fiber, causing numerous problems.

What is the Alternative to Salt-Based Water Softener?

A salt-less water softener is the best replacement for a salt-based system. Instead of brine or salt solution, a salt-free water filtration system uses potassium. So, instead of replacing minerals, potassium crystallizes the mineral build-up through chemical transformation. Since this system doesn’t cling to the minerals during laundry and plumbing, you will find it beneficial. One of the most popular salt-free water softeners is the Filter Smart Salt-less water conditioner. Features of salt less-water filtration by Filter Smart are:

  • You don’t have to worry about high sodium concentration
  • It improves the life of equipment such as water heater
  • Requires less maintenance
  • Saves substantial money by lowering electricity costs
  • Prevent mineral build-up in the plumbing system


Do you receive water with high mineral concentrations? If yes, then you should install an Autotrol water softener. People who live near industrial or high polluted areas receive hard water in their water supply. Hard water contains a high level of magnesium and calcium that negatively influences your plumbing system, causing your skin and hair to become dry. Autotrol water softener salt-based water softening system improves water quality by reducing minerals from the water.

However, salt-based water filtering system such as Autotrol removes minerals from sodium, which may cause other problems. Therefore, manyexperts suggest using a salt-free water filtration system, which crystallizes minerals from the water without adding harmful chemicals and salt.

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