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Aquapure Whole House Water Filter Review

The whole house water filtration system helps provide chemically treated water throughout the house. Technicians install this system in the main water supply, so every drop that enters the house is free from contaminants. Here are some benefits of whole house water filters:

  • Keep skin and hair healthier
  • Reduce contaminants such as harmful chemicals and excessive minerals from water
  • Improve quality and taste when used in food or drinks
  • Enhance indoor air quality
  • Reduce blockage of the plumbing system

Aquapure is a prominent name among popular whole house water filters in the United States. There are numerous reasons for the popularity of this filtration system. Many people purchase Aquapure whole house water filters because of efficiency while others consider it because of their budget.

Let’s review Aquapure's whole house water filter and understand whether it is worth it.

What is AquaPure Whole House Water Filter?

Aquapure whole house water filter is a top-grade water filtering system that supplies clean water to your home without sand, rust, dirt, and chlorine. This water filtration system is easy to use, install, and maintain. It improves water taste and quality and prevents scale build-up in plumbing fixtures, water-using appliances, and water heaters.

This filtering system contains SQC or Sanitary Quick Change features that enable homeowners to replace filters easily without a mess or spillage. This means that they no longer have to contact a technician or use a screwdriver or a wrench for the replacement.

It contains a blue filter housing that contains a multi-purpose filter. When there is a need to remove the damaged or dirty filter from the system, homeowners have to replace the entire cartridge. This makes it idealfor homeowners without technical knowledge and experience. However, keep in mind that replacing the whole cartridge can be costly. There are other less expensive whole-house filters with less maintenance costs such as the FS1500 whole water filtration system by Filter Smart.

Aquapure whole house water filter also contains a corrosion-resistant and durable head unit that gives lifelong service. The filters deliver clear, safe, and soft water witha flow rate of 10GPM. The filter cartridge also has a scale inhibitor function that pre-treats hard water. All these functions work to extract safe water. The water flowing through the outlet of this system is FDA CFR-21 compliant. This means that the water is safe to drink and to use for other purposes.

Features of Aquapure Whole House Water Filter

Here are some features of Aquapure whole house water filter:

1.      Safe Quick Change (SQC) Design​

The SQC filter design makes it easier for homeowners to clean the filters. They can use their hands to change the filter cartridge. This means that the cleaning process doesn’t require equipment and tools. This enables homeowners to clean the filters easily and quickly. Furthermore, the replacement process prevents mess and water spillage.

2.      FDA CFR-21 Compliant Materials

The manufacturing materials used in this filtration system such as the filter cartridge and water filter head comply with FDA CFR-21. This means that the water filtered by this system is safe to drink.

3.      Multi-purpose Water Filter and Softener

Besides easy cleaning, Aquapure's whole house filters design also excludes sediment to 5 microns with the help of non-woven pleat media and carbon block filtration. As a result, it reduces chlorine odor and taste from the water. The tool does not use sodium to turn hard water into soft. Instead, it uses polyphosphate that crystallizes calcium and magnesium, the two harmful minerals in hard water.

4.      Water and Salt Consumption

The treatment volume of Aquapure whole house water filter is 100,000 gallons. However, homeowners should replace the filter cartridge when they notice a drop in the water pressure. This happens once a year if the water quality is moderate in the neighborhood. However, if the quality of water is poor, homeowners have to replace the filters more frequently. The manufacturing company recommends that filters should be replaced at least within 12 months.

This whole house water filtration system doesn’t use salt to eliminate excessive magnesium and calcium ions from the water. Instead, it incorporates polyphosphates in small quantities that reduce hardened minerals and prevent scale building on metallic items.

5.      Power Rating Consumption

Since Aquapure whole house water filter doesn’t use electricity, the power rating isn’t applicable.

6.      Water Capacity, Pressure, and Temperature Range

Aquapure whole water delivers a maximum of 10 GPM flow rate, which is 37.85 liters/min. The operating temperature ranges from 40°F 4.4°C to 37.8°C. The pressure ranges between 25psi to 125 psi.

Advantages of Aquapure Whole Water Filter

Here are some pros of installing an Aquapure water filtration system at home:

  • The system is affordable
  • Improves water quality
  • Makes harmful water drinkable
  • Easy installation process
  • The easy filter replacement process
  • No electricity required
  • The system doesn’t replace magnesium and calcium with sodium

Disadvantages of Aquapure Whole Water Filter

Here is some disadvantage of this water softener:

  • Water hardness treatment capacity is low
  • Filter cartridges are highly expensive
  • No monitoring options are available
  • While using the system for high sediment water, it is necessary to incorporate a pre-filter.


Aquapure whole house water filter is a user-friendly water filtration system that provides households with clean and soft drinking water. Furthermore, it prevents scale build-up in household appliances and plumbing systems. A notable advantage of this filtration system is convenience, which means that you don’t have to use additional tools or hire a professional for maintenance.

This filtration system is perfect for homeowners who don’t want to add loads of salt in the tank every week. It requires less maintenance, has a sturdy construction, and is easy to install.

Besides Aquapure whole house water filter, other products in the market offer even better features. For instance, the FS1000 whole house water filter system by Filter Smart is a state-of-the-art filtration tool with 12 GPM pressure. Furthermore, it supplies water for more than 1 to 3 bathrooms and uses coconut shell-activated carbon to remove up to 99% chlorine from the water.

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