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APEC Whole House Water Filter Review

APEC whole house water filtration system is an advanced and innovative tool to access filtered water in your home. Install this system in the main water line and eliminate harmful contaminants from your water. This filtration system removes contaminants such as sulfur, iron, and chlorine. With the APEC filtration system, you get cleaner water in every tap in your home.

You may wonder that there are a myriad of options available in the market, so how could we conclude that APEC offers the best whole house water filter? Well, it’s true. There is a wide range of whole house water filtration systems and each one of them offers unique and outstanding features. For instance, the FS1000 whole water filtration system by Filter Smart uses coconut shell activated carbon technology, removes excessive chlorine from the water and gives you peace of mind. Therefore, you should evaluate different filtration solutions and choose a device that meets your requirements.

APEC whole house water filter is a heavy-duty solution for water treatment. These luxurious filtration systems are aesthetically designed to improve your home décor and deliver contaminant-free water to every tap in the house. For every house owner who struggles with rust on the plumbing, stains on the utensils, and scale build-up, installing a reliable whole-house filtration system would be a perfect solution. The technology reduces the hardness level of water and lets soft water pass through the main water supply.

How Hard Water Affects Your Health?

Using hard water in your daily routine can cause dry scalp, itchy skin, and skin allergies. Soft water, however, keeps your skin soft, shiny, and healthy. Once you install theAPEC whole water system, you will feel relaxed and comfortable as it converts hard water into soft water by removing contaminants. Elimination of chlorine and other contaminants reduces the risk of skin allergies. Furthermore, this water filter makes your skin and hair smoother by reducing scale build-up.

What are the Features of APEC Whole House Water Filter System?

APEC whole house filtration solutions offer amazing features and health benefits. Below, we will discuss some notable features of the APEC whole house water filter:

1.      High Performance

Like every other reliable filtration system, APEC solutions clean water in different stages. The first stage includes catalytic granular activated carbon. With this technology, APEC whole house water filter reduces water hardness level and eliminates chlorine and chloramines from the water. Furthermore, it improves the taste and color and extracts dangerous contaminants such as THMs and VOCs from the water.

The second stage is the salt-free water conditioner. In this process, advanced ceramic media enhance water quality by neutralizing water by removing hardened minerals. In short, APEC whole house water solution turns hard water into soft water without using corrosive chemicals and excessive salt.

2.      Easy-to-Install

APEC's whole house water filter offers backwashing and auto-cleaning features, soyou can easily install this system in your home. All you need is a little technical knowledge. However, having a professional plumber install the system will be helpful. There are two filters connected with connector pipes. The pipe flows hard water through filters and extracts soft water to the main water supply.

3.      Low-Maintenance

Do you want to install a whole-house filtration system that requires low maintenance? If yes, then APEC whole house water filter would be ideal. Only a few companies offer self-cleaning water filtration systems so you don’t have to clean it yourself or hire a cleaning service. Since these filtration systems are low maintenance, you save a lot of money and time cleaning them. Simply install the system and let the filters take care of the cleaning process.

4.      Internal Plumbing Protection

Replacing filters and tanks isn’t the only thing that bothers homeowners, asreplacing appliances and plumbing systems can be overwhelming as well. Installing APEC whole house water system protects your appliances and internal plumbing system from various internal damages such as corrosion or rust.

5.      Natural Scale Reduction & Prevention

High-grade carbon media eliminates different contaminants and chemicals such as chloramines, chlorines, THMs, and VOCs contaminants. Since this technology doesn’t use corrosive chemicals and additional salt, these filters are incredibly safe options.

6.      Capacity

APEC whole house water filter has a huge capacity for water supply depending on your usage. For instance, if you use more water in the kitchen and bathroom, you can connect a separate line to faucets in these areas and a separate one for drinking water. With the APEC filtration system, you get the wholesome experience of bathing, washing, and drinking pure water.

7.      Ease of Use

You don’t have to connect this system to an electric outlet. All you have to do is install the system and access safe and clean water in your home. However, the installation process can be challenging if you have no technical experience. You might need assistance from a technician to install the filtration system. With electronic control, you can streamline the system without requiring maintenance.

8.      Warranty

APEC Company offers two years warranty with their filtration system. However, for a detailed warranty description you can contact the concerned seller. Fortunately, all the APEC products are certified and approved by WQA.

9.      Affordability

APEC whole house water filters are budget-friendly and save a substantial amount on electricity bills. If you purchase bottled water to access pure water, then installing APEC can save you a fortune in long run.


APEC is a reliable American company manufacturing water filtration systems for more than 17 years. They have advanced and versatile products for any household type. APEC offers four major products, the Whole House Max-15, the Whole House Max-10, the Green Carbon-15, and the Green Carbon-10. The products by APEC are certified and tested by the NSF and the WQA.

If you want a whole house water filtration system with higher performance and lower cost than APEC whole house water filter, then you should purchase an SF1500 whole house water filter by Filter Smart. We offer a lifetime guarantee on valves and tanks with 90 days money-back offer. It is an eco-friendly salt-free water filtration system with 99% scale reduction and chlorine removal capability.

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