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APEC Water Softener Review

APEC offers a wide range of filtration systems depending on factors such as family size and hardness level of water. These filters make water drinkable and healthy. Some popular APEC water softeners are Futura 15 and Futura 20. Using this filtration system, families can eliminate contaminants that increase the hardness level of water. Once this water softener removes harmful minerals, water becomes soft, clean, and pure.

Since APEC Filtration Company offers a wide variety of options and technologies, we can consider them among top manufacturers such as Filter Smart. You can take an example of an FS500 salt-free water softener by Filter Smart. This system eliminates hard water minerals such as magnesium and calcium without including sodium and other harsh chemicals in the water.

What is a Salt-Based Water Softener?

A salt-based water softener eliminates contaminants from water using an ion-exchange process. In other words, it converts hard water into soft water so you can access clean and pure water. Hard water contains magnesium and calcium. Generally, a salt-based water softener contains two filtration tanks. The first tank is called resin tank because it consists of small resin beads. The second tank contains brine, which is a mixture of salt and water. This tank is called a brine tank.

When hard water enters the resin tank, the positively charged beads attract negatively charged minerals. Sodium ions attached with the resin beads replace mineral ions. This makes the water soft and healthy to drink. The resin tank washes away minerals from resin beads and replaces them with sodium ions.

What is a Salt-Free Water Softener?

As the name suggests, a salt-free water softener doesn’t contain salt. This means that people on a low-sodium diet can drink water without risking health problems. Instead of the ionization process, a salt-free water softener uses a crystallization process to remove minerals from the water. Water without magnesium and calcium ions doesn’t form scale in the plumbing system.

Since salt-free water doesn’t require brine and resin beads, it only contains one tank with tiny potassium pieces. When hard water with a high level of minerals flows through potassium, the crystallization process occurs. As a result, harmful contaminants in the water become crystalline. As a result, water that flows through your plumbing system will notform deposits.

APEC Filtration Company provides high-quality products to their clients. Their solutions are affordable and reliable, offering a wide range of health benefits. Let’s review two popular water softeners by APEC:

Futura 15 – Salt-Free Anti-Scale Water Softener

Futura 15 is a salt-free water softener. This means that it eliminates contaminants from water, improving water smell, taste, and texture. Since it doesn’t add sodium and other harmful chemicals to the water you receive pure and clean water in your main water supply line. Besides health benefits, Futura 15 extends the life of appliances and plumbing systems by reducing build-ups due to mineral deposits.

Ceramic Media Filters

This water softening system uses advanced ceramic media to filter large mineral molecules. Unlike other softening systems, a salt-free filtering system converts minerals into crystals. These tiny crystals stay in the media until they become too large to easily rinse off with the water flow. The crystallization process makes crystallized minerals completely harmless, tasteless, and odorless.

Greater Flow

Futura 15 is an upgraded version of the Futura 10 filtration system with higher quantities of water and greater flow rates. Every minute it handles 15 gallons of water and supports three to five bathrooms.

Water Quality

APEC water softener offers pure and clean water to households since it doesn’t include sodium and other chemicals in the water. When you install this system at home, you receive neutral tasting and clear water. Drinking pure water has significant benefits, especially for people who are on a low sodium diet.

Limescale-Free Water

Since water flowing through APEC water softener doesn’t contain magnesium and calcium, you can enjoy fresh drinking water. Magnesium and calcium deposit limescale in the water that builds up in the plumbing system and tastes and smells bad. Drinking limescale water high on contaminants is unpleasant. Therefore, installing an APEC water softener such as Futura 15 could be ideal.

Futura 20 – Salt-Free Anti-Scale Water Softener

The Futura 10 and Futura 15 water softening system removes large limescale deposits, increasing the lifespan of your plumbing system and appliances. These systems offer fresh water without mineral deposits and odor. When it comes to capacity, Futura 10 is suitable for one to three bathrooms. Meanwhile, Futura 15 can supply water to three to five bathrooms. Futura 20, on the other hand, works well with six and more bathrooms.

Futura 20 APEC water softener also uses ceramic media to neutralize hard water. This means that it doesn’t eliminate the minerals but crystallizes them, improving water appearance and taste. APEC Futura 20 removes sodium, minerals, and harmful contaminants from water and keeps your bathtub and sink shiny and clean.

The only notable difference that Futura 20 makes is that it is suitable for large homes and multiple bathrooms. Furthermore, the flow of water is also higher than other versions of softening tools, which is 20GPM. Here are some prominent features of the Futura 20 APEC Water Softener:

  • Flows fresh, clean, and neutral tasting water in your house
  • Increase longevity of the appliances
  • Prevent stains on sinks, bathtubs, and tiles
  • Better than traditional salt-based water softening systems
  • Cheaper to maintain and run
  • Create better lather
  • Leaves fewer watermarks on glassware
  • Simple installation


APEC water softener comes in different versions depending on the capacity and usage. Whether you want to eliminate minerals or sodium from water, a salt-free water softener is better than the salt-based system. There are severalother brands that offer high-performing water softener systems. For instance, FS500 salt-less water conditioner by Filter Smart provides high-quality water to homes and offices.

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