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A Review of Clack’s Water Softener | Should You Buy It?

Clack Water Softener - What Is It?

A Clack water softener is a device specifically designed to remove minerals like calcium and magnesium that are found in hard water. It’s installed directly onto your home’s incoming water supply and its main purpose is to remove the scale that comes with hard water.

All water softeners operate using different principles. Salt-based water softeners work with a process called ‘ion exchange’ which is basically there to replace mineral molecules within the water and makes use of the sodium derived from the salt in a water softeners brine tank. Scale caused by minerals are then flushed away when the water softener performs its regeneration cycle.

When it removes these minerals, you’ll be able to find soft water available from outlets. This benefits us in so many ways but the main points to look at are reductions in maintenance costs, frequency of repairs, and the improvement of healthy skin.

What Makes Clack So Unique?

Hard water is a complete nuisance, and can cause a wide range of problems in your home. When you use a Clack water softener, you’re able to remove the minerals within your water supply that cause scale before they even come close to entering your home’s plumbing.

By using a clack water softener, you’re able to:

Save money on expensive repairs (i.e washing machines and dishwashers)
Reduce the use of shampoo and detergents
Avoid the need for expensive scale treatments to pipework, baths, sinks, and taps

The Benefits Gained When Using a Clack Water Softener

Clack have a background in resin molding, along with control valves. This allows them to be in an ideal position and able to operate strongly in the water softener market. Clack has a long history in this particular market, going all the way back to 1946 when they first opened a water softener exchange business in Wisconsin and from there, expanding into manufacturing and distributing. 

They say that all it takes is one good idea to get your name out there, and that was proven by Clack themselves. As soon as the year 2000 came along, they had introduced a brand new type of water control valve which they then deployed and developed with expertise in the water treatment industry and the plastic molding market - this catapulted them to the forefront of the water softening market.

With greater control of water flow, automation of the softening process, and timer controls, you can tell that Clack strives to incorporate innovation into each and every single one of their products. This along with many more cool features are likely to appeal to anybody, and you’re able to see them in most of their water softeners.

The Features - Clack Water Softener


From countless online reviews, you’re able to see that Clack water softeners are rated as some of the most efficient. This is due to the superior control valve technology on which they built their initial reputation.

Ease of Use

When it comes to Clack water softeners, their control system provides complete convenience in ease of use. However, if you do still struggle, you’re able to use the operating and maintenance manual that’s provided with every softener, or ring up and speak to telephone support.


Clack’s manual gives clear instructions and guides on all elements of the operation of the water softener. It also includes helpful tips for problem-solving and the best type of system setup for your needs.


The price you pay depends on many factors, this includes the area you live in, the quality you’re looking for, the amount of hard water that needs to be treated, and your water usage.

As the saying goes ‘’you get what you pay for’’, meaning, you should probably invest in a higher quality water softener that lasts longer and at the same time, gives you the benefit of a high-performing item.

Think of it this way, the money that you spend during the purchase, is ultimately saved over time due to the water softeners low running costs, fewer repairs, and the fact that the system purchased is specifically designed to stand the test of time.


As Clack are so confident in their products, they offer a 5-year warranty that covers the clack water softener itself, along with all of the filter controls.

Salt-based water softeners already require regular maintenance so that they can continue to function effectively when they’re installed in areas of hard water. Over the past 20 years, Clack has built its reputation through its superior effectiveness and quality of their control valves. They consistently send a clear message of faith in the quality of their product, and the 5-year warranty proves just that.

Assembly Time

When it comes to the assembly time of your Clack water softener, this can be done very simply and is probably the biggest benefit of all.

Whilst they are extremely easy to install, you can choose to hire a professional installer to fit the system in for you. If you do this, you’ll most likely have soft, clean water coming out of your taps in less than 2-3 hours. Yes, this might cost a bit more than a do it yourself installation, but you’re left with peace of mind that your water softener system has been installed and checked properly and that any leaks or immediate issues that come from the installation will be taken care of directly.

Depending on experience, you can do it yourself (and there are a bunch of how-to youtube videos). You can save money on hiring somebody, and can do it in less than a full day if you’re committed enough.

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