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5 Reasons To Buy A Natural Water Softener System

5 Reasons To Buy A NaturalWater Softener System

A high concentration of dissolved magnesium andcalcium in water can cause a common problem known as hard water. Althoughhard water might not pose a serious risk to your health, it can be a frustrating problem to deal with at home.Hard water can lead to mineral build-up in pipes and fixtures in your kitchen and bathroom, which can cause clogs or damage your plumbing, and it can make detergents, soaps and shampoos lose their lather. Showering inhard water can also give you dry and irritated skin and cause your hair to break. If you’ve noticed watermarks around your sink, on your shower screen and around your fixtures, you likely havehard water coming from your taps and shower. 

If you’re looking for a solution tohard water at home, you may have come acrosswater softener systems. When trying to reduce the amount of magnesium andcalcium in water, you really have two choices, a salt-based water filtration system, or a salt-free and natural solution. In this article, we’re going to explain the main benefits of choosing to go natural when it comes tohard water, and why investing in a salt-freewater softener system is a great idea for you, your pocket and the environment.

1. Powerfully NaturalWater Softener System

Rather than use harsh chemicals and salt to remove minerals andcalcium in water, you can opt for a natural alternative for yourwater softener system. AsFilter Smart, we specialise in providing high-qualitywater softener systems,that are free from sodium, potassium, acids, phosphates while still providing powerful filtration effects and giving you clear, fresh and delicious water at home. Using tested and certified granulated activated carbon, from all-natural coconut shells, our salt-free high-efficient water systems provide the highest quality of water without the need for chemicals.

2: Minimum Maintenance Required 

Salt-free technology is best if you prefer awater softener system that doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. When you buy a salt-basedhard water system, you will need to replace and top up the salt on a regular basis, maybe every couple of months or so. However, when you choose a natural salt-freewater softener system, that uses activated carbon for example, you will only need to carry out necessary maintenance once or twice a year. In addition, if your home or apartment is small, that’s OK, atFilter Smart, ourwater softener systems don’t require much space and are easy to install. They also don’t need to be connected to a drain.

3: More Sustainable Filtration System

Rather than use harmful sodium or salt to remove high levels of minerals andcalcium in water, take a more sustainable approach to cleaning tap water by using a natural solution. Salt-based water softeners are pretty out-dated now, and thanks to advances in technology there is no real reason why you still should be using one. A massive problem with salt-based ion-exchange systems is that they produce chloride, which can pollute rivers and water sources. Chloride in significant amounts is toxic to fish and other wildlife that rely on water in and around your property or town. So, if you care about the planet, go salt-free and be kind to nature.

4: Safer Than Sodium

Using salt in large amounts to effectively filter water poses no real threat to most people, but if you or a member of your family suffers from high blood pressure, and needs to watch the amount of salt they’re consuming on a daily basis, this could be a bad choice. Those on a sodium-restricted diet should avoid a salt-basedwater softener systemand instead choose to use a natural alternative that uses the power of activated carbon over chemicals or salt.

5: Choose Activated Carbon To Save You Money

Some salt-based water softeners can actually waste a lot of water, which is not only bad for the environment but can cost you energy and money in the long run. During the salt regeneration process, most systems will re-charge the media with sodium ions and this is when water can easily be wasted. Rather than risk throwing money down the drain so to speak, choose a highly efficient activated carbon alternative that will give you all the power of salt-based filtration without the need for excess water and salt top-ups. Plus, if you choose to invest in aFilter Smart carbonwater softener system, you’ll be pleased to know that no electricity is required and you can even enjoy increased efficiency on hot water tanks. 


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