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5 Fun Fourth Of July Family Activities

Independence Day means it's time to celebrate with some delicious Fourth of July foods, good company, and the best Fourth of July family activities! Of course, owing to the current coronavirus epidemic, the holiday may look quite different. However, that doesn't imply you can't have a great time on summer's best holiday. In fact, with such a variety of exciting family activities and celebratory at-home ideas, you still can celebrate this year's Fourth of July as the most fun holiday ever! 

Choose a few of these great activities to do with the family, and you'll be enjoying America's birthday in full legend style before you realise it. Whatever activity the family selects, you're sure to have a wonderful time because as long as you're having a good time with your friends and family and eating excellent food, that will surely be an Independence Day to remember!

In this article, we will tell you about the top 5 fun family activities which you can enjoy with your family on the fourth of July. Continue reading for more information.

Why Is Fourth Of July Celebrated In The United States?

The 4th of July, widely known as Independence Day or July 4th, has always been a national holiday in the U.S. However, Independence Day festivities have been held since 1941, and they traced back to the American Revolution in the 18th century.

The Continental Congress voted in that Independence Day should be on July 2, 1776, but the delegates from the thirteen colonies did not agree to that and announced Independence Day on July 4, 1776. July 4th has indeed commemorated as the dawn of American freedom since 1776, with celebrations varying from lighting, concerts, fireworks and performances to more informal family gatherings as well as barbecues.

Why Are Fireworks So Important On Fourth Of July

On July 4, 1777, the practice of lighting fireworks began in Philadelphia city. A salute of 13 gunshots was fired in the morning and evening at the very first planned celebrations of Independence Day.

This was the nation's first official Fourth of July celebration, and that was a symbol of encouragement for the citizens at the time. After that, in 1778, George Washington, a rebel army general at the time, gave his men a double rum allowance to perk them up for the day.

It should be noted that Adams, even before the Declaration of Independence was drafted on July 4, 1776, a former president of the United States, had anticipated fireworks as part of the Independence Day celebrations. And after that, the Americans have made it a tradition to honour the Fourth of July using spectacular fireworks displays.

Top 5 Fun Family Activities To Do On Fourth Of July

Regardless of your comfort level, you can have a fun Fourth of July weekend. These conventional and unique options will keep you engaged on Independence Day, from modest family trips and locations to take the kids to neighbourhood games and backyard activities. There are a variety of fun family activities that you may do with your entire family and children on July 4th, as listed below.

  1. Go Camping With Your Family 

Even if you're simply camping in the backyard, there is something about camping that makes it feel like an exciting adventure. Use the 4th of July holiday to get out there and bake s'mores, share scary stories over a fire, or even get up in the morning for a dawn hike, whether you're in the backyard of your house or at a campsite. This would also be an excellent opportunity to see some of America's greatest treasured assets, such as the National Parks.

  1. Enjoy Water Sport With Your Family

A major holiday, such as July 4th, when several people are likely to be travelling with family, might be a perfect opportunity to try out a new experience with the family. To mix things up, try something new like paddling, kayak yoga, and pilates. It will be a great task, and you'll be able to reward yourself afterwards with some red, yellow, or purple ice cream.

  1. Light Up The Night With Your Kids

Rather than a fireworks display as it becomes dark, you may lighten up the night using sparkles and glow sticks. Without all the loud booms, this is the ideal way for small ones to enjoy America's birthday! Sparklers and lights are also entertaining at twilight, so you wouldn't have to keep the kids up well beyond their bedtime.

  1. Do A Hotdog Eating Competition With Your Family

The most common food associated with the Fourth of July is hot dogs. If you're feeling brave, try recreating Mike's Legendary Hot Dog Eating Competition, or try a hot dog tasting test where you may sample several relishes as well as mustards.

  1. Play The Water Ballon Game

This is a fantastic game to play on a hot day, especially if your visitors don't mind being wet. Fill up two colanders with water balloons and split your family into two teams. One person from each team is chosen to "catch" the balloons in the colander.

The catcher maintains a good distance away from the rest of the team, holding the colander over their head. The catcher tries to collect the water balloons as they fly through the colander, whereas the teams take turns releasing them.

If you want the whole squad to be soaked, play the game as a relay game, with the catcher returning to the team as well as the thrower taking over as the catcher. The winning team is the one that captures the most balloons.

Final Thoughts

You may not have much time to spend with your family and children during the year. On the fourth of July, you may unwind and be stress-free by spending quality time with your family. As previously said, the fourth of July is an excellent day to spend with your family and children. You may celebrate Independence Day by doing many activities. The above article provides some amazing tips for celebrating your independence day with your family.

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