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Fluoride in Drinking Water

Water Fluoridation is the process of adjusting the level of fluoride contained in water to protect the teeth against tooth decay.

In April 2015, the CDC (centers for disease control and prevention) called water fluoridation one of the ‘’ten biggest public health achievements of the 20th century’’. According to the agency, community water fluoridation has helped reduce tooth decay by 25% across the country so far.

Yet, the last few years have seen controversy rise around water fluoridation after several studies revealed potential side effects of excessive exposure to fluoride in drinking water.

The recommendation for the amount of fluoride in the water has since then been lowered from 0.7-0.12 mg/L to a maximum of 0.7 mg/L, begging the question of fluoride’s safety.

To help you better understand the issue, we’ve listed below some science-backed harmful effects of water fluoridation. We’ll also explain the best ways to remove fluoride from your water.

Harmful Effects of Fluoride in Your Drinking Water 

These days, fluoride is present in toothpaste and mouthwash.

So, do you really need it in our water? Research tends to suggest that you don’t. 

Indeed, several studies have revealed possible side effects of high-level fluoride ingestion when combining the use of fluoride products with drinking water. Some of them include:

  • Diminishing kidney and liver function in adolescents.
  • Reducing IQ for children when the mom drank water with high levels of fluoride when she was pregnant.
  • Exposure to high levels of fluoride during childhood can lead to dental fluorosis. This condition attacks the enamel of the tooth, creating white marks on certain teeth.
  • Excessive exposure to fluoride can also lead to a bone disease called skeletal fluorosis. This condition tends to damage joints and bones and can lead to an increased risk of fractures and impair joint mobility over time.
  • A high level of fluoride intake has been proven to cause thyroid problems, inhibiting the functioning of the thyroid gland and affecting hormone balance.
  • A few studies suggest a link between excessive exposure to fluoride in drinking water and high blood pressure, cardiac insufficiency, and heart failure.

How to Remove Fluoride from Your Drinking Water?

As mentioned before, fluoride has benefits for your health as it can help prevent tooth decay, but a high level of fluoride exposure can also have many side effects.

So, if you make the personal decision not to have any fluoride in your water, here are three best water filters to remove this mineral.

3 Best Water Filters to Remove Fluoride

Clearly Filtered Pitcher

There are very few water pitchers that can remove fluoride as well as the Clearly Filtered Pitcher. Indeed, the product is fitted with a powerful filter that can remove 96.9- 98.2% of fluoride in your drinking water. Besides being an affordable way to ensure fluoride-free water, it’s easy to assemble and can hold up to 10 cups of water.

Crystal Quest Whole House Fluoride Filter

If you’re looking at removing fluoride from all of your taps across your home, including the bathroom and laundry room, Crystal Quest Whole House Fluoride Filter could be a great solution. 

Indeed, this charcoal-based fluoride filter can remove between 90 to 95% of fluoride from your drinking water. What’s more, it’s also highly efficient at removing heavy metals such as lead, arsenic, and mercury. 

One of the main other benefits of this particular product is the long life span of the media, which can last for years, making it an excellent investment.

Filtersmart 4-stage Reverse Osmosis System

The ultimate way to remove fluoride from your water is to install a reverse osmosis system. Reverse osmosis refers to the process during which contaminated water is forced through semi-permeable membranes that can trap up to 99% of contaminants, including chlorine and fluoride. It’s currently the most cost-effective and efficient way to ensure you and your family drink safe tap water. Our under-sink reverse osmosis system is easy to install and comes with a lifetime guarantee. And because we’re committed to manufacturing the best filters for our clients, we also have a ‘’100% satisfied or your money back’’ policy. 

Why Choose Filtersmart?

At Filtersmart, we pride ourselves on putting two things first; quality and customer service. We’re committed to sourcing the highest quality components, certified by the water quality association, to ensure the highest standards. What’s more, all of our water filters are proudly manufactured in the USA. 

We take your health and that of your family very seriously, and our easy-to-install 4-stage reverse osmosis filter has been designed to remove 99% of contaminants, giving you peace of mind. 

So, if you’re looking for an affordable way to remove contaminants, including fluoride, from your tap water, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We’d be happy to discuss your needs and advise you on the best filter for your household.

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