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3 Things to Know Before You Buy the Rheem Water Softener

3 Things to Know Before You Buy the Rheem Water Softener

Rheem Water Treatment has been around for nearly 100 years — starting with basic water heating systems before producing the more innovative technology offered by the company today. If you type “what water softener is the best?” into your Google search bar, you’ve likely come across Rheem water softeners. Is it because they’re a well-known company with a good reputation? Are their products actually the top of the line? Here are three things you should know about Rheem water softeners before making a purchase: 

  1. The Three Options

While some companies only offer one water softener system, Rheem provides three systems: Rheem Preferred Platinum Water Softener, Rheem Preferred Plus Water Softener, and Rheem Preferred Water Softener. So, what are the major differences? 

The Rheem Prefered Water Softener is the base model, featuring Rheem learning technology, a low salt monitor, and a high flow valve. The lowest tier is a high-performing machine that will make your water softer, but its softening capacity is considered medium (its capacity is 32k). Because of this capacity, this water softener is best for households with four people or fewer. 

The next tier — Rheem Preferred Plus Water Softener — has a higher softening capacity at 42k and can be used in a household of any size. This tier also has more features: a self-cleaning sediment filter for cleaner water, an ultra-high flow valve, and illuminated tank light. 

Lastly, the top tier is the Rheem Preferred Platinum Water Softener. This machine is state of the art. Not only does the 42k softening capacity and ability to be used in a household of any size make this a notable water softener, but it has innovative features that really set it apart. It is wifi enabled, has a water management system that offers alerts via their app, a remote water shut-off option, and every other feature the other two options have. 

2. Rheem Learning Technology

So, what does ‘Rheem Learning Technolgy’ mean for your household? Rheem designed a built-in technology inside of their water softeners that will track your household’s water usage. Many people gravitate toward Rheem water softeners because this technology is incredibly convenient, easy to use, and ensures the water is always soft. Here’s how it works: the sensors and onboard software inside the machine begin tracking your household’s water usage, collect the data for approximately one to two weeks to learn your household’s water usage pattern, and then begin to regenerate when your home needs it to. 

You can track your home’s water usage in the app. The technology is constantly monitoring your water usage to adapt it to any lifestyle changes. If you tend to use a lot of water on the weekends, the Rheem Learning Technolgy will learn this (pun intended)and automatically regenerate the system on Thursday night to prepare for the extra water usage. 

3. The Fine Print

There’s not a one-size-fits-all water softener on the market — every household has different preferences and usage. Rheem offers a warranty that lasts one year for parts (this can be extended to five years), three years on the electronics, and ten years on their tanks. The lowest tier Rheem water softener costs $419, the middle tier costs $529, and the highest tier costs $609. Currently, you can only purchase Rheem water softeners at The Home Depot. 

Here’s the thing: these water softeners use salt to make the water softer — adding sodium to your household’s water supply. Excess sodium can negatively affect your home’s pipes over time. It also isn’t very environmentally friendly as the sodium from the water gets washed down the drain. You should consider your household’s priorities when making a decision, but it’s worth looking into a Salt-Free Water Softener Alternative System! 

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