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Free Shipping on all whole house water systems
Lifetime Warranty on all tanks
No Salt or Electricity


Jacobi Carbon NSF certified

Filtersorb SP3 WQA certified


Compared to Salt Water Softeners:

Salt Softeners:

Removes Beneficial Minerals

Adds Unhealthy Chemicals (sodium) to Water

Waste Hundreds of Gallons of Water

Major Environmental Impact

Constant Maintenance

Uses Electricity

Does not Filter the Water (does not remove chlorine, chloramine VOC’s etc.

Constant Salt Added (negates any money saved on soap)

Slimy Slippery Feeling

(Salt water softeners basically take unfiltered dirty tap water and produce unfiltered, dirty tap water loaded with sodium!!)


 Our Salt Free Systems:

Use No Electricity

Waste Zero Water

Add No sodium

Keep in good minerals we need

Removes chemicals’ (whole house & combo) 

Virtually Maintenance free 

Produce quality drinking water at every tap

Comparing Systems Side By side

There are a lot of other systems you may see on the market today but none that can come close to the quality of FilterSmart.  We use all USA made products from the valves to the by-pass to the tank.  Even our high grade 430 stainless steel covers are made in downtown Los Angeles.  No other system on the market is from top to bottom made from American parts. 

We also use a very important high quality inner gasket that keeps the media inside the tank.  Other systems will use a cheap 75 C gasket that can break under high water use, fouling the systems.  We have spent considerable time developing and sourcing the very best parts on the market for the best possible systems on the market.

All our tanks are wrapped in a beautiful bright 430 stainless steel cover.  Not only do they look amazing they also protect your new investment.  Other cheaper grade “plastic wrappers” look like stainless steel but fade and crack over time.  You can spot the fake stainless steel covers by the black caps that attach on top of the tanks. 


Our Carbons

We use the very best coconut shell activated carbon from around the world.  The carbon is sourced from Southeast Asia and transported to a facility in the US.  This carbon made from coconut shells is the best media we have found for chemical absorption and producing the best water quality you can have.  All our carbon is NSF certified listed for health and safety.  Some companies use a coal based carbon which is cheaper but also less effective.  It has also come under scrutiny for adding or leaching different types of elements into the water supply.  

Once we get the carbon and before we fill our tanks we acid neutralize and de dust the media.  We then vacuum the media while filling the tanks to remove any excess carbon dust in the tank.  This minimizes the black cloudy water when you first run the system which is common of other systems on the market. 

Salt Free Media

Our salt free (anti scale media) is by far the best way to treat hard water.  Using no salts, or backwashing our salt free media uses a technology called Template Assisted Crystallization (TAC)  to transform hard water (calcium and magnesium) into microscopic nano crystals thus unable to create scale. 

The salt free media is also NSF listed and adds no sodium or chemicals to the water supply unlike traditional salt based systems.  We as well as other 3rd party tests confirm about 99.6 % scale reduction.  Thus putting an end to scale buildup on faucets, shower heads, appliances and in your pipes. 


Free Big Blue Pre Filters

Each FilterSmart water systems come with a free sediment pre filter.  This removes any sediment, rust, silt and debris in the water.  The blue housing unit is important as it keeps fine particles out of the salt free media and carbon media.  Our sediment pre filters are recommended to be changed annually and last longer than others on the market that need to be changed every 3-4 months.  We also give 4 free pre filters free with each purchase and you can also buy more from us when you need them. 

Other systems that do not have a pre filter do not allow the media to be free from fine particles.  These small particles eventually decrease the effectiveness of both salt free and carbon media to perform at an optimal level.



All FilterSmart systems come with a lifetime warranty on tanks and valves.  As long as the systems are maintained properly, we guarantee all parts free from defect.  No other company has such a warranty and covers the extent that we do.  If years down the road there is a leak in the bypass we will gladly send a replacement (which is rare).  Other companies cleverly void all warranties if the system is installed by someone other than a certified plumber. 

This is a clever way to void warranties as most homeowners know basic plumbing, has a friend or handyman with enough skills to do the job themselves.  Because of the easy installation this puts a lot of people out of warranty.  We have no problem covering all installations as long as the directions of installation and use are followed.


Replacing Media

Another big advantage to FilterSmart over competing systems is that our units can easily be exchanged for new media once they expire.  You never need to buy a whole new system again.  Once the medias expire in both the carbon and salt free, you can simply buy replacement media from us and exchange it with the old.  The process is easy to do and only takes about 30 minutes for an average homeowner to do.  Other companies or brands either do not offer replacement media or the systems require whole new tank.  Replacing the media not only saves you money, it also helps reduce unnecessary waste. 


Amazing Company & Great Values

FilterSmart was founded to find a more sustainable way to filter your water without using harmful sodium or salt.  We are on a mission to replace all out dated salt based water softeners across America, one homeowner at a time.  We take great pride in our mission and our customers love the fact that we are proudly unlike any other water dealer in the US.  We also proudly donate 2%


 Simply Better Water

Better Filtering Media, Better  Water

We use high grade all natural coconut shell activated carbon to remove more chorine, chloramine, VOC, pesticides, herbicides and other contaminants than any other filter on the market.  The whole house water filters provide delicious drinking water for your entire home at every tap.  We also de-dust and acid wash our carbons prior to shipping for the very best results.

FilterSmart also uses the very best salt free media known as template assisted crystallization (TAC).   TAC is a unique process to treat hard water without the use of salt.  Our salt free systems have been proven effective at reducing up to 99.6% of lime scale as a result of hard water buildup.  Our salt free systems are a healthier, more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional salt based water softeners.  


100% Green

All our systems waste no water through backwash, use no electricity and add no sodium (salt) to the water supply.  All our medias are NSF certified and add no by products or chemicals to the water.   All the carbons we use for filtering the water are made from naturally sourced coconut shells.  The shells are put through a process allowing them to absorb any chemical compound. 

Easy Installation

Our systems are uniquely designed to easily install into any home.  With our built in by pass you do not have to run any extra lines or drains.  With simple PVC plumbing you can easily install the system in a couple hours.  Your local plumber can also install the system for around $250.


Made in USA

We have spent considerable time sourcing all the very best products made in the US.  All our parts on our systems are made in the US from top valves to the stainless steel covers.  Our carbon media is used from coconut shells in Southeast Asia and processed here in the USA. 

No other company uses higher quality parts for their system than FilterSmart Water.  We are the ONLY whole house water system entirely made in USA. 

2% of profits to Charity Water

We have partnered with the highly reputable Charity Water to donate 2 percent of all profits to those struggling to find access to clean water.  FilterSmart Water was founded on the idea to create the most conscientous water treatment company on the market.  From products, customer support all the way to our overall mission.  We are also active locally in support for clean water and water conservation efforts.