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No Salt or Electricity

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FILTERSMART Water is the pioneer in non-electric, Non salt  quality water systems. Innovative technology and a genuine commitment to its international network of dealerships and distributors set FILTERSMART apart from all other water treatment manufacturers.  

We are quickly becoming the #1 alternative to traditional salt water softeners.  FILTERSMART Water dealers get the vary best in support, sales brochures and more to grow thier busniess.   

FILTERSMART simply offers you more:

  • Offers a full line of certified and validated salt free water softeners and non electric carbon water systems, as well as whole house specialty treatment systems.
  • FILTERSMART systems are all made in USA and feature lifetime warranty on tanks and valves.
  • Where applicable, FilterSmart offers exclusive territories.
  • Premium stainless steel jackets 
  • Higher than average industry margins and sale prices.  
  • Industry best support with years of knowledge in salt free water treatment and up-flow carbon filtration.

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