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Salt Free vs. Ion Exchange

(Water Softeners)


FilterSmart Water was one of the first water treatment companies to only offer no salt water treatment systems. We do not believe in the outdated technology of ion exchange resin, that removes beneficial minerals in calcium and magnesium and replaces it with sodium... a chemical to treat hard water.

The added sodium is wreaking havoc on local municipalities and farmers with the rising sodium levels causing many counties to restrict the use or flat out ban them. On top of that, traditional water softeners are extremely wasteful by dumping out thousands of gallons of water a year to re-cycle the media bed as well as the ongoing electricity. This negative impact to our environment has many residents re-thinking the outdated technology.

Most salt free water softeners are conditioners that use template assisted crystallization or TAC. TAC transforms the calcium and magnesium into microscopic nano crystals that cannot attach themselves to pipes, plumbing and appliances that create scale. The result is no added sodium, no removal of beneficial minerals and no water waste. Multiple studies have proven its effectiveness in treating hard water.

A Lifetime Guarantee
A Lifetime Investment

All tanks and valves come with a lifetime guarantee. If there is a leak in a valve or tank head, we will send out the replacement part free of charge. Our carbon filters are guaranteed for a period of 5 years or 1,000,000 gallons.

The salt free media's (TAC) life depends on water quality, usage and hardness. Most salt free media can last 5-10+ years before needing to be replaced. When the media inside the tank vessels have expired, our systems are easily exchangeable for new replacement media.

This virtually allows the homeowner to continually reuse the existing tanks for life. Both filtering media's (carbon and salt free media) are easily replaceable by the average home owner. We mean it when we say our systems are guaranteed for life. We are the only water filter company that has designed our systems to be reusable and sustainable.

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